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Thread: Stretch Goals

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    Stretch Goals

    New update mentions stretch goals and says the first is at 330k. They will be revealed tomorrow. Looks like they have 15 stretch goals planned.

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    Looks like we'll hit the first stretch goal before it is even released. xD

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    No doubt. First release is supposed to be at 330k and we are only 10k out from it.

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    Will the goals be revealed one at a time or all at once?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devaux View Post
    Will the goals be revealed one at a time or all at once?
    Probably all at once.

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    We were going to announce our first few stretch goals today, but your feedback has helped us see what our players are asking for and we want to integrate that into our plans.
    They're only going to reveal a few at a time according to the update - implied anyway.

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    15 cards, so same amount as cards in a booster. Smart little move!!

    Thank god i am working tomorow, otherwise waiting on stretch goal would make day go VERY slow. But actually get goal after it is reach, means tomorow we will be good day (since no waiting on first goal)

    EDIT: also the colouring on last few. Maybe they a bit special?
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    11 common, 3 uncommon, one rare/epic.

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