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Thread: If you were a Kickstarter Producer...

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    If you were a Kickstarter Producer...

    What kind of ideas would you offer up for a new dungeon or card? I'm curious what great ideas you folks have in that head of yours.

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    For a card I'd go with something like Snapcaster Mage
    Blood or Sapphire :
    2/2 for 3 instant (as it seems troops are costier here than they are in MtG)
    Put target card from your graveyard into your hand, it has permanent casting cost +1


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    Does it have to be balanced? Or can we be inventive?

    I suggest a card that exiles all monsters in graveyards, and all players gain life equal to the combined mana costs of the removed cards. A white card, 5+ resources to cast, 3+ white threshold to cast.

    And a dungeon themed on life swapping, and the creatures inside are diamond and blood based, probably necrotic, and based on soul theft. Allies inside would be Coyotle (they are very spiritual and would want soul theft to stop). Boss would be some kind of mind controlling vampiric soul sucker. Dunno why, just sounds cool.

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    Unstoppable Construct

    Troop, Artifact - Construct
    Cost: 15
    Speed, Trample
    Atk: X | Def: X

    Unstoppable Construct may only be summoned by paying the full cost. When Unstoppable Construct comes into play, remove X cards from your library and/or graveyard from the game. Unstoppable Construct gains +X Atk | +X Def for every card removed in this fashion. Unstoppable Construct must attack this turn. Any creatures that are able to block Unstoppable Construct must block. Remove Unstoppable Construct from the game at the end of your turn. Spells or abilities cannot target Unstoppable Construct.

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    Kami, nice. Would work better in a larger deck - what a win condition. 'I remove these 65 cards, it gains +65/+65'.

    Would work just as well in a mana acceleration deck.

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    You take a huge risk though. By emptying out your library and graveyard, you may not have anything left. It's pretty much a one-shot gamble. Fun in theory though. The high cost tries to keep it balanced and it prevents you from summoning it easily.

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    Pack Raptors. Deck problem solved.
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    I would definitely make a theme that involves the wolves. Something where you get to play with a human/wolf deck and crush some underworld combatants would be what I would do as a dungeon.
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    Nice Blare. I admit, they have some nice lore here. Most of it seems more compelling that WoW for example - that got too caught up in certian re-used figures. This is fresh, so there are many new and interesting faces we will see, and I just can't wait. Loving the Coyotles and Vennin/Orcs right now, and the rest aren't half bad either, and I love the part about the humans and the wolves. Really nicely thought out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blare731 View Post
    I would definitely make a theme that involves the wolves. Something where you get to play with a human/wolf deck and crush some underworld combatants would be what I would do as a dungeon.
    I agree with you on that one. It's a thought that keeps coming into my mind. The bond between the knights and their Great Wolves seems like a story that can really quite moving. The Great Wolves are immortal, but should that immortality be removed by an act from the Underworld or the human they are linked with to be in some sort of peril, I would love to see a Dungeon be played out that a player ends up having to chose that only one would survive and a third option was unknown to the player and would lead them into other challenges not obvious on the first play through.

    Save the immortality of the Wolf, save the Knight, or ???

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