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Thread: Player Poll

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    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. No
    4. No

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    1. No
    2. No need if sets don't go out of print. If they do, then yes.
    3. Yes.
    4. I favor a ban list over card changes.

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    Tweaking my vote.

    1. Rather they didn't rotate the set out of purchase ever but i think PvE parts of the set should stay in permanently.
    2. Yes.
    3. As needed.
    4. As needed.

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    1. Absolutely. Rotating sets is key to maintaining future newness and freshness in the game. Allow 'Legacy' and 'Vintage', but PLEASE rotate sets.
    2. Yes. Another key element to TCG's is keeping all those old killer cards just in case they get reprinted someday. Without some element along those lines, why keep your old cards? For 'Legacy' events and casual play I suppose, but that's not much for some.
    3. I suppose. Case by case basis. I am glad that CzE is putting effort into making balance a big deal, but your a bit naive if you think that there WON'T be some freakin genius that breaks the game someday with a killer combo. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but it will happen someday. I would rather see adjustments to the cards themselves (oh the simple beauty of digital cards) than a restricted/banned list, but the developers will be better positioned to know how to kick things back into balance if needed. We just have to trust the company. Reading that last sentence makes me want to run screaming from the room.
    4. Same as 3. Case by case basis and all that.

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    1) no
    2) no
    3) no
    4) no
    Seriously, why would you want something to go out of print? so you can sell your old cards overpriced?
    Magic has alot of ailments, and we sure don't need to copy those from them.

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    1) yes
    2) yes
    3) yes, but it should be used sparingly
    4) no

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    1) Yes (Allows for new combos and strategies to be developed)
    2) Yes. Much like MtG reprinting the "X Edition" sets. Staple cards or cards with excellent balance should be reprinted.
    3) Perhaps. If there is one deck that is completely facerolling or is unbalanced I think there should be said list
    4) Nah. I would rather see errata than complete bans.

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    This needed a bump for the new people joining in the forums. Please try not to fill it with arguments thats for other posts.

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    1) Yes or at the very least, have soft rotations where the packs are still purchaseable but not draftable except for in short limitted time frames
    2) I'd rather see a greater influx of completely new cards, but seeing some of your favorite cards return to a new meta environment can be quite fun
    3 & 4) Yes! Banned and restricted lists are what define formats, without them there would only be one huge format

    additional question you left off
    Should they be able to errata a card?
    me: I'd rather see a card banned in most formats than errata'd

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    1) Yes
    2) Yes
    3) Yes
    4) No, if card needs to be banned, time to nerf it. Value-wise for collection it doesn't change, since banning a card will diminish it's value.

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