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    Sanctioning Holiday Events

    I looked through the TO documents and could not find a resolution, so I thought I would ask here. I only recently starting organizing CZE events so I'm still somewhat inexperienced.

    How many Holiday Celebrations can a single space sanction in a month? With the upcoming Midsummer Fire Festival, could I do two throughout the month or am I limited to only one?

    In addition, how far in advance should I sanction a holiday event to ensure my store receives the promotional materials in time? Or is there a different process I have to go through to get Holiday Celebration materials?

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    If a store is receiving Battlegrounds kits it will also receive the holiday promotional material accompanying the regular mailing for the month. You won't be able to request more than one kit. I've never considered holding more than one per month at a given location, but you'd have to split the prize payouts in a different way than recommended.
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