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Thread: PvE or PvP?

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    PvE or PvP?

    I'm curious, how many people here are interested in primarily PvP features versus PvE features?

    If so, which feature are you most interested in?

    Social features (auction house, guilds, friends list) fall under both PvP and PvE.

    What type of PvP?
    Preconstructed decks (matchmaker) or limited (drafts)?

    What type of PvE
    Apparently, Guild Warfare seems to be PvE focused... but there's also dungeons, exploration/questing, alts, and raids.

    Personally, I'm more interested in PvP with a splash of PvE just so I can collect more cards. Maybe PvE will surprise me, but I suspect I'd start off around 70/30 and slowly taper off to 99% PvP after trying out the PvE content and collecting most of the PvE cards.

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    Really interested in PvP. I think I'll probably do the 70/30 taper as well.

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    While I'm plannning on a good chunk of PVP, mainly draft, I'm really excited about the PVE content assuming they make it challenging and varied. I would hope my potential guild would be filled with a good cross section of players from the entire spectrum, hardcore PVP, hardcore PVE, and everything in between. That's the cool thing about having both avenues available in this game.
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    I see me spending the majority of my time PvPing then PvEing in my downtime or when burned out. Eitehr that or doing it on my tablet when I am out and about and don't want to give the game my full focus.

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    I'm mostly interested in pvp, both draft and constructed tournaments. I'm not as interested in pve, but will definitely play through the content especially early in release as I'm getting a feel for the game and various game mechanics.

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    My feeling is that PvE might let you jump in and accomplish something in a shorter period of time, for when you can't commit to a draft tournament or the like. I am also interested in the possibility of leveraging PvE content or the auction house to help fund my PvP.

    I anticipate starting 50/50 and leaning one way or the other depending on how successful my tournaments are or how interesting the higher level PvE content is.

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    I'm looking mostly to PVP. I will try, and likely play, PVE as well. However, my main focus will probably be PVP until a season gets stale. I'll do it all right off the bat, but in the end PVP is where I see my heart laying for a TCG. If I can find a dedicated group of friends to play with, then PVE will increase in value dramatically for me, but PVP is kinda like the "Always on" section. I can always jump into a PVP queue or somesuch. I wont always want to go into a dungeon or try to find a couple of people to raid with.

    In the end, I'm likely to enjoy both.

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    I'm probably most excited for the PvP draft tournaments, but given that I won't always have three hours to put into one, I'll end up doing a fair amount of PvE too.

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    Hmm, seems like most people here are more focused on PvP. I think that might be simply a result of them keeping their cards close to their chest with PvE details...

    ...I'll leave now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyrfang View Post
    Hmm, seems like most people here are more focused on PvP. I think that might be simply a result of them keeping their cards close to their chest with PvE details...
    Well, that and the fact that the vast majority of TCG players in general play them against other people, so it's logical that when looking at a new TCG that's the first priority.

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