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Thread: Anyone plan on streaming?

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    Anyone plan on streaming?

    I was just curious if anyone is planning on streaming HEX on

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    I'm sure people will. I'd do PvE definitely. Not sure how much it'd stream PvP content.

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    I will definitely be streaming but I'm not sure when. Currently, Canadian upload services suck and I don't want viewers to watch this game in crappy 360p.

    That being said, if the upgrades to my ISP come by August, I should have 150/10 and I'll be uploading 720p video hopefully.

    Have an Avermedia Live Gamer HD and Live Gamer Portable ready to go so I'll be streaming on PC and Laptop depending on where I am. :P

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    Yeah I definitely plan on streaming, not only PvE and PvP but probably make videos on how I do deck building etc.
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    I might try streaming certain things like guild events, or 'world' events, depending. I do not currently stream, but this might be something I am willing to try, and I have a friend who would help.

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    i have some tentative plans to do so after i've become acquainted with the set. I love the idea of crowdsourcing thoughts on the gameplay and how the differences between this game and other tcgs affect decision making. So hopefully, if i'm really bad initially, the 'crowd' will speed up my development and if i'm at okay-good out of the gate, it will at least be entertaining. win-win

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    I am thinking of uploading draft to youtube, mostly to try and get a few friends into it. And if nobody cares about videos i will just use em as a way to keep track if my skills have improved over time. (So long since i drafted in magic, first few will go so badly :P)
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    If anyone here is going to stream PvP matches just be careful you don't have someone spying on your hand through the stream.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vengus View Post
    If anyone here is going to stream PvP matches just be careful you don't have someone spying on your hand through the stream.
    I might do it if I was just playing for fun as it lets players speculate what you might do.

    However, if it were rated/ranked, you could easily create blinders through XSplit and maybe OBS via scene control.

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    I was actually just thinking about streaming HEX. Obviously we won't be able to do it for awhile but I'm sure that the stream community will grow pretty fast after launch.

    Magic streams are growing and thats a game that is primarily played on paper. Imagine what HEX will be like being entirely digital.

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