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Thread: Starter Decks

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    Question Starter Decks

    Has anyone heard anything about what the Starter Decks will contain exactly? I am curious about the play styles of each deck as it seems that race does not exactly define the play style too much. I'd imagine they are designed to give a flavor of the race, but I would like to know if they are geared towards a specific play style or are more made to be a stepping stone you can use to go any route

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    Yeah, they have been pretty vague about it. I wouldn't expect much for a while, I think they are keeping it quiet about sets and decks.

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    I don't think they want to spoil everything just yet, sadly haha

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    An excerpt from

    "Naturally, I was fairly proud of myself for going undefeated in my first draft. After that, it was time to play some Constructed. Blood/Diamond control, Blood/Ruby aggro, mono-Sapphire artifacts, and the aforementioned Wild/Blood shin’hare decks all looked pretty good."

    As much as I might like to think these are the starter decks, the heavy weight towards blood type (3 out of the 4 decks) makes this unlikely.

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    If there's an orc one, you can bet your ass i'll be picking it.

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    Based on what we've seen spoiled for the four Set 1 races, we can probably make some reasonable guesses on what, broadly, the starter decks will look like. Most of the races seem to be sticking to only a couple of shards so far.

    Orc should be Ruby/Blood. Shin'hare will be Wild/Blood. Dwarf will be Sapphire/Ruby, with a fair number of neutral artifacts. Human seems to be the most diverse, with cards spoiled for all three of the high magic shards. I'm not sure if they'll go for a tricolor deck as one of the starters; one of the shards will definitely be Diamond, as that's what we've seen the most of and the only other race with spoiled Diamond cards are the Coyotle (sidebar: Ozawa is my favorite art in the game so far.) The other shard will probably be Sapphire, to balance the numbers a bit better, otherwise three of the four decks are running Ruby.

    Of course, the spoiled cards aren't necessarily from the starter decks, but I do think we're getting a sense of what the magical flavors of the races are, so I expect that's roughly what we'll see.

    As for the other races, harder to say. I seem to recall someone from CZE saying that the Elves would be mono-Wild, which fits what we know about them. We've seen Diamond and Sappire Coyotle cards so far. And I think Blood's the only thing we've seen from the Necrotic; their lore has them having Diamonds socketed into their eyes, so that's a likely shard for them as well. And no idea for the Vennen, I don't think we've seen anything for them yet.

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    There will be only 4 starters at release (Orc, Human, Shin'hare, Dwarf).

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    Vennen could be mono-Blood; they are heavily involved with Blood Magic, so whether they're mono or not, Blood's gotta be in there.
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