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    Card Database

    Is there any plans for a card database to be posted online or within the game?

    Which also leads to auto-carding. One of my favorite features of the WOTC forums for MtG is being able to auto-card. For those unfamiliar with it, you basically type out the name of the card, or specific text, and you can link it to that card. When you hover your mouse over it, a picture will come up of the card, or you can click on it and it will take you to WOTC card database page for it.

    I'm hoping they have something in store like that.

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    That would be really cool to see

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    I'd love a card database where you can look up cards by different things like effects, gem color, type, name, whatever. I'd also like an account "collectors" database that shows you what cards from a set you have and at least the names of the cards you're missing. Maybe have it like a card page and it fills in cards as you get them and leaves spaces for the ones you're missing.

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    I think it'd be cool if there was some sort of card DB but with a "wowhead" flavor that could not only show you all the cards, but for the PvE ones show you what dungeons they drop from... also what dungeons drop gear (assuming gear/card drops aren't completely randomized)

    I know games like WoW probably wish that players didn't find those types of sites necessary and instead everything was contained ingame... but I like being able to check out sites like that while at work :P

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    Not sure if this will suffice. It's still under construction, but we're making progress.

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    @ Mauve:
    While the Wiki is a great idea, what we're talking about involves integration with teh Hex forums and website. This will allow you to refer to the cards themselves inside forum discussions. A hover over the card's name would pop up the card and it's info.

    For an example, see the first post of this thread on the Shadow Era forum. If you do a mouse-over on the name "Nishaven" (with the cards symbol next to it) you'll get to see the card.

    It's a feature I love and would really appreciate on this site.

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    Gotcha. Yeah, that would add some useful functionality here. I've just been linking to the wiki when mentioning cards by name, but that still requires an extra step on the part of the reader. Also, the wiki isn't complete yet, so there are gaps in what can be linked to.

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    Also, the wiki requires hard work from the community to duplicate information which should already be readily available from Crypto.

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    Yeah, it's something that's 100% needed and I'm sure they can speak to their buddies at wowhead if they have any questions as they do it there. Check out one of my guides where I use it religiously:

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    I can see this type of integration happening eventually. But it is not something they are yet equipped for and we wont see it overnight.


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