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Thread: League Play

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    League Play

    Okay, so there was a thread discussing alternate subscription and it turned into how League Play could work with it. Now, i am not saying that VIP should specifically be used for such a purpose(though it fits in awful nice) but was more wondering how many people would be up for an open League, and a play mode created for it?

    Here's the basics of a "League" in a TCG as it tended to happen when they were a thing.

    Week 1. You buy in for the week, 6 pack sealed deck structure. Cardpools for the duration of the League are marked, and cannot be traded/sold.whatever until you drop or League ends. Here you would be placed in the League and be shown other online League players. You craft a 40 card deck as per Limited Play rules, and start issueing or receiving challenges when ready. As you play, you obtain a rating based on win/loss or ELO or some other method.

    Week 2+ Add a booster pack to your LEague card pool, fine tune your deck and keep playing. It all ends with a top X rated players being fit into a tournament for top prizes.

    In the end, I have always enjoyed League play as a budget friendly way to play some competitive PVP. In your league, challenges could be open or randomly created based on who was online. With the requirement of a Sealed tourney week 1, and then just 1 booster per week thereafter, it will give people that budget friendly way into the door, rather than requiring a full draft every week to get the fix.

    I just believe that in this digital space, if there are people who want it, Crypto has all the tools to make it right. Rankings can be tracked, Leagues can contain anywhere from 8 to hundreds of potential players, and it gives those who don't have the time to commit to full tournaments a way to play competitively throughout the week. When it's all said and done, I personally believe a structured League could have some amazing results and be fun for a ton of people. What do you all think?

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    Kyle hinted at league in a post on day 1 or 2 but said he couldn't reveal anything yet.

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    I think it should be clarified that this is "sealed league." Other than that, what daer said...

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    I hope limited format leagues are in from the get go. MTGO has continually let the ball down on that for years now, leagues are easily one of the funnest way to earn some packs and have a blast for 4-6 weeks.

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    I only played MTGO for a little bit, and during that time I played in a couple of leagues. I had a lot of fun. Despite not having played in any sort of competitive MtG since about Tempest(I think the league I played in was Ravnica), I even managed to win enough games to get a few packs. The removal of leagues when they "upgraded" to the newer client was a big reason I never returned.

    I guess what I'm saying is that I'd love some sort of league type format. I like the play at your own pace and the limited card environment they provide. I also like the feeling of getting several weeks worth of play out of one entry, even if the reward is about the same.

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    Watching one of the kickstarter videos, there was mention of a type of tournament (I can't recall what they called it) which was something similar to a league except it was one day only and did not allow you to add to your cardpool. But you could play as many matches as you wanted in that league with whatever you cracked.

    I'm with you though. I played Modo at release and played almost exclusively leagues. I pick it up every so often again and drop it when I find that they haven't reinstated them. At least, they hadn't last I checked. Maybe they are back now.
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    Unfortunately, MTGO sealed League is still gone. They keep teasing and say they'll bring them back but they never do. Each time they have major updates for the client, the Leagues are on the feature list, but it never actually makes it back in unfortunately.

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    In the tournament video they said they wanted to do league play, but the didn't define it.
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    I agree, a sealed league from day one would be awesome - especially as it can be implemented before the Auction House is fully functional if that ends up being an issue like it has been for other DTCGs.

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    Many moons ago I played league on MTGO (saddened to hear it's dead there), so I would gladly support the feature here!

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