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Thread: Weekly And Monthly Tournaments

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    Weekly And Monthly Tournaments

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    These tournaments have scheduled start times, usually on Fridays and on weekends. Their start times alternate to accommodate player bases in Asia, Europe, and North America.
    Could we instead have multiple weekly and monthly tournaments (one each for Asia, Europe, and North America) with the restriction that each player/account can only play in one of those tournaments? Otherwise a lot of players will have to skip 2 out of 3 of those tournaments because of their starting time...

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    I would like multiple time slots for the weekly and monthly tournaments as well, especially because Fri and Sun are not good for me except very very late, so I could only really hit a tournament IF it was on Sat and IF it fell into a reasonable time slot for me on Sat.

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    I could imagine that those weekly or monthly tournaments will have a high number of players. Why not make them a seperate queue where a new tournament is started when a specific number of players (e.g. 64) is reached? Usually tournaments with a very large number of players take very long since you have to play more rounds.

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    I agree with the "not Friday" part of this thread.

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    MTGO has scheduled tournaments all-day every day with different formats at different times of the day each day (whole lotta days). I'm sure CZE will learn from that.

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    That can only work when the playerbase hits a certain threshold. The larger the playerbase, the more format and scheduled times will be feasible, as well as adding more and larger sit-n-go style tournaments, but until that point is reached, they're going to have to be selective on when to start tournaments and how many to have.

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    well yeah but they can still have tournaments on multiple days and multiple times a day. My point was that I'm sure they've considered it.

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