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Thread: Tapping cards to activate

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    It all sounds exhausting.
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    Although, Wizard of the Coast do hold the patent for tapping cards (which is why everyone else has to call it things like "Exhaust" and dance around the subject by saying "If you want, you can turn cards sideways to show they're exhausted!"), so maybe it would be better to find a more elegant portrayal if possible. But yeah, simply turning the card sideways on sceen probably does make it easiest to see at a glance which cards have been [s]tapped[/s] exhausted.

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    You can patent TAPPING a card?

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    Oh, it doesn't stop there. Here, read their patent:

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    That would effectively apply to playing War using a deck of cards.

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    As I see it, the cards are still turned sideways simply to make it easier for the experienced TCG players to get used to the game. Imagine that exhausted cards get marked in some way instead of turning sideways. My opponent attacks me, we fight, and then he passes the turn to me. As a player with about 15 years of Magic experience, I see that his side of the field is full of untapped creatures, and don't even consider attacking. Then I pass the turn, realize that they were exhausted, and feel stupid. Sure, it might not happen that often, it might never happen again after that first "I'm such an idiot" moment, but game designers should always keep in mind such little details. After all, it's these small experiences that determine whether the player will try to play another match after his first one, and that pretty much determines whether he's going to play this game for years to come or drop it that very day.

    But hey, at least the system turns the cards to the left! That's more than enough to differentiate it from Magic, where the tap symbol suggests you to turn it to the right!

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    What about simply shrinking the card? That would be a clear indication that the card has been used, while taking advantage of the digital nature (you can't exactly shrink a real physical card), yet still making the card readable. Have a ghost image of the full size card behind so that if everything is shrunk you can still tell that they used to be bigger.

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    Shrinking? No, that would make cards seem inequal in some way. Or cards would "hide" that way, so your opponent could maybe possibly forget them in an attack.

    In "Shadow Era" exhausting is dealt with by simply overlaying an exhausted card with a greyish/purplish layer. Kind of like greyed-out GUI elements.

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    it's funny how someone can patent something so simple ... heard on youtube some american companies patented genes as well ... because they "found" them first , and that's a reason people can't do research into specific ilnesses targeting those genes ...

    genius ... brilliant ... can't imagine how we survived so many thousands of years to allow such stupidity to take root !
    "Kneel before me and repent!"

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    Has there been a case of the Tapping Patent being enforced?

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