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Thread: Tapping cards to activate

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    not sure if they have enforced it , but aside wow tcg I don't recall a game that used it .
    there was duel masters , but they were made by wizzards of the coast as well .

    as for magic creating problems for other games , heroes TCG had a looong time to wait for aprooval in US because of some legal issue with magic .
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    Note that, if I understand correctly, what is patented is the symbol (actually, all symbols) and the game usage of the word "tapping." Everyone can still call it tapping without any legal issues as long as it doesn't appear in the card or rules text, and it can work EXACTLY the same (and, in fact, it does so in many TCGs). It just can't be officially called tapping.

    Also, you can't patent genes. You can patent techniques to study or modify those genes, and even the NAME of those genes, but you can't patent the genes themselves unless they're the result of artifical modification you've performed. There's no patenting of naturally-ocurring substances/structures, biological or otherwise.

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    Genes and plants, unfortunately, can be patented...
    At least, for now.

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    Tapping is clear and easy to understand. No need to reinvent the wheel on this one.

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    I have no problem with tapping. It is a definitive representation anyone who has played a TCG can understand. If they decided to fade the card as it was tapped or something, maybe that's ok, but otherwise.. Tap it, Jack!

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    I prefer tapping, its easy to understand for new players, and for people used to some sort of card turning in physical TCGs its easy to understand at a glance whats going on when a card is attacking or using an ability, also during your turn its easier to read the battle field and what your opponent still has up and running that could cause you problems.

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