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Thread: Vanity Cards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karnegal View Post
    The standard wisdom behind playing all cards of the same art is that it gives your opponent less information about what you have in your deck or in your hand. If you see me play 2 card X, art 1 in game 1 and then 1 card X, art 2 in game two, in game 3, I know you have at least 3 of them in your deck. Similarly, If I look at your hand via a spell and see you have a card with one art, and then you draw another copy with a different art and play that first, I have information on what's in your hand. They're narrow cases, but not inconsequential in competitive play.
    That is the main reason for what I do, but I also like symetry and homogeneity.


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    I get the strat behind having all your cards match, I just always preferred to use different art and change things up. I just like the look of having multi-art cards on the table.

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