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Thread: Did anyone else notice the change in the last update

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    Did anyone else notice the change in the last update

    I read the latest update earlier on and it said they would be updating the 720k, 780k and 840k (60k increments next) on the weekend. Then it changed to just updating on the weekend.

    did anyone else notice this change?

    NOTHING TO SEE HERE. I was wrong this is the quote i read and thought was from the update

    Creator Cryptozoic Entertainment about 13 hours ago
    Hey backers. William here. I've reconciled the PayPal orders and the limited tiers this afternoon and adjusted quantities. Since there are so few Pro Player tiers left, we've stopped taking orders for that tier on the PayPal site since it could easily sell out over the weekend and there's no way to make the total quantity between the two sites match up. So, the final 100 or so Pro Player tiers are available here.
    I'll be updating tomorrow morning (Saturday) before noon PST with the new stretch goals (720K, 790K, and 860K) as well as the write-ups on the rewards. Sorry for the delay on those, but we were very focused on being able to deliver you the stream of HEX this afternoon. The tiers are super sweet so they'll absolutely be worth waiting for. Scout's honor. (I raised my right hand and everything)

    courtesy of Kroan
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    I thought it was 720, 790, 860 last time I looked.

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    It was 720, 790, 860 last I knew. That's also what he said in the twitch stream.

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    you might be right. but the figures have disappeared now right? or am I just not looking in the right place?

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    It wasn't announced in the update but in a comment on the kickstarter page. You'll have to scroll through a couple of hundred comments to get there Don't worry about it

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    ahhh that explains it. thank you

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