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    I really love this game. Yea in the beginning it was hard to win with Batman, but playing the game a lot will get easier and using the house rule of Batman drawing 2 combat cards at the end of his turn that Cryptozoic has already stated above really balances the game more for Batman. I can remember how there was so much complaints about this game being unbalanced. Cryptozoic has fixed that with house rules, but I guess not everyone that has bought this game doesn't follow the forums for advice by Cryptozoic. You did a good job making this game Cryptozoic, i enjoy it a lot.

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    Thank you for answering these question,I enjoy playing this game a lot,and specially enjoy playing it with my friends.It an incredible game and fun playing.I like playing more games with my friends,we have decide to acheter world of warcraft it a multi-player game would be fun playing together.
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    If anyone cares, I made my own expansion for this game that expanded the board to have special locations (arkham island and scarecrows barge) extra set-up cards, playing as other heroes (Robin, Catwoman, Knightwing, Booster Gold, Red Hood and Superman) and added an event deck (so every round there is a chance that a special event occurs, sometimes helpin Batman, sometimes helping the villains, sometimes just making a little change in how both players approach there next turn or two). It made me think how great it would be if Cryptozoic actually made an official expansion...hint hint

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    Do villain setup cards can be play the same way as regular villain cards ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Demonarchy View Post
    Do villain setup cards can be play the same way as regular villain cards ?
    The face-down set-up cards don't get to move like the regular cards. If a set-up card is flipped up and turns out to be a villain, then it can move.
    Does that answer your question?
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