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Thread: Looking for a Guild? Post Here.

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    hello I am new here, I discovered this game about 4 days ago by chance while I was looking for a new game to play and I noticed this pop up while searching for games and when I saw this I did some reading up on this and watch some videos and what I saw was something that interested me alot
    an tcg game but online so after that I downloaded installed and registered and been playing ever since playing solo or lone-wolf is never fun sometimes its good to have like minded players to meet and to be a part of a community a guild. I have played Yugioh, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon but the last time I play any of tcg games would be several years, so I am rusty on tcg now.

    What I'm looking for would be a dedicated PvE guild, to hunt down every single secret if there is any collect every gear out there to learn the lore from both ardent and underworld dungeon with dungeon crawling and explore every single dungeon, build awesome pve decks & eventually to build my own pvp deck, to get together to take down tough foes. I have never done the theory crafting before on coming up with theme decks, but I would like to try my hand at that since got to learn somewhere

    I am on the pacific coast of the US and I play at different times around morning, afternoon or evening

    my in game name is Eyverin

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    New player looking for active guild

    Hello all, I'm a pretty new player, less than one week old. I have experienced a lot already and this game is exactly what I have been looking for.

    With that said. I do know I'm looking for a more competitive sense. That is going too require like minded people too surround myself with. I'm very interested in PvP specifically Constructed. So in all honesty I'm looking for at least one study buddy, but more than one is always preferred.

    I have not thrown cash at this game yet, but when I do I will be getting heavy in to Comp Draft too try and maximize my money. So this alone will require some study time.

    In my limited time with the game so far I've learned a bunch. I've also earned over 150pp and 20k gold. So I'd like too think I have a small understanding on how too effectively use my time for the most gain.

    No I'm not an elitist and recognize that everyone always can improve their game/skills. But at the same time I am super competitive and always striving too be better ( or more arrogantly "the best").

    In-game name: Karcore

    Feel free too contact me either here or in game if interested.
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    My IGN is MainWar and I'm fairly new. Before this game I previously played MTG. I would like to join a guild for support, tips/help, and for raids that will eventually come.

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    Hello there!

    My IGN is CLearD and im looking for a guild. Im from Germany and my main goal is to get deep into Competetive Constructed PvP. I Played Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon TCG at school and played starcraft, LoL, CS:GO and Heartstone for years. Just MSG me in game or send me a pm for questions. (I dont knowm what to type anymore lol)



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    My IGN is Beaverhero. I have been playing for a bout a week struggling with the PvE campaign. I watched some of the live $100k tournament on Twitch and was impressed with what Cory had to say about the philosophy of the game and the community.

    Before Hex I have had some experience with MTG, Hearthstone and Duelyst. For now I am PvE-centered. I'm looking for a guild community with a chatty Mumble/TS/Vent/Dischord that tolerates casual folk and don't mind putting up with an eager learner.

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    My IGN is Katrazy and i'm looking for a guild. I'm from Western California and I've grown up playing strategy / card games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Magic The Gathering, Yu Gi Oh, Carte', etc.

    I've been watching / playing Hex on and off again since alpha, but now that the ground work is finally laid, I'm ready to get more serious. My favorite part of strategy games is theory crafting, mixed with overcoming impossible challenges. I dabble in both PVP and PVE, but I purposely avoid using the current META, unless I invented it. If it sounds like I would be a good fit for your guild send me a PM in game with details.

    Thanks Hex community!

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