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Thread: Stretch goals lowering value of higher tiers (blank tier and up get this)

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    Stretch goals lowering value of higher tiers (blank tier and up get this)

    I don't have an issue with people doubling up on tiers, but I want to see more money pumped into this game so it will be an even greater success. The current issue now is that each stretch goal is saying a certain tier and up get the same reward. This is causing more benefit in going with multiple low tiers as opposed to higher ones. If you keep adding, "king and higher get this," then you are raising the value of king and effectively lowering the higher tiers. What needs to be done in my opinion is adding greater benefits to higher tiers within the same stretch goal. An example would be knight and higher get a certain card. King and higher get the card with one piece of legendary equipment. Grand king and higher gets fully equipped version and so forth. This increases value at the higher tiers and encourages more funding. Adding the same benefit at tier x and above makes stacking more desirable. Let me know what you all think. I'm so excited about this game and just want to see it flourish.

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    You forgot, and Dragon Lord and up get's Alpha Access, starting yesterday!


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    I think the idea is to get people who might not be in a position to pledge a higher value interested in pledging a lower value. Really, anything below King kinda sucks because you aren't getting the most for your money, and because you miss out on exclusives. The higher tiers already get some pretty nice bonuses as well as the "money value" stuff. In addition, the cut off (King) for exclusives is a good price that isn't overly expensive, but not very cheap either.

    And I've said it once, and I'll say it again: while we've slowly been conditioned to think this way, Kickstarter is NOT about conducting transactions, but about making something exist. This is why the higher the tier, the less tangible the reward.

    Also, I find it unfortunate that the stretch goals often have a cutoff as high as Knight and Champion. I feel sorry for anyone who hasn't pledged in at at least Champion, much less King, because they are going to miss out on some sweet exclusives.

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    Lol. I understand that it is about supporting the game. I personally don't have money to throw at the game currently, so I'm trying to help it out with input. If you don't include stretch goals, the value of each tier has remained the same. I'm just saying for example that giving a stretch goal which says king and up get this is more enticing to higher tiered pledgers to stack that tier. 1 dragon lord tier gets the same stretch goals as one king. So in regards to just stretch goals (not the other benefits which remain unchanged) it is more beneficial to get 8 kings. 8 sets of stretch goals compared to 1. I'm not addressing the other values of each tier, strictly the stretch goals.

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    If you're not addressing the other values of the tier then you're missing the whole reason why people choose Dragon Lord over stacking Kings. It's because of those bonuses. The stretch goals don't take value from anything, they make it stronger.

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    I'm sure the uncommon and legendary stretch goals will give nice exclusive rewards to GK and higher.
    And I want to believe the last stretch goal will be like: "Hey, if we reach this goal we will hire lawyers to make RMAH available". That way the highest tiers would become very appealing to professional single sellers, specially the producer tier.

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    Primal+ could definitely use some stretch goal love, but they would have to create additional rewards for the other tiers obviously, so nobody feels left out. The last stretch goals should be well thought out and affect the majority of pledgers.

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    While you make a good point about value per dollar being higher when you stack more of a lower tier, I don't really think that the people who are spending more than $500 on this video game care that much.

    It is more that they are supporting the future of the game and getting interesting unique perks, rather than squeezing the absolute maximum number of digital cards out of their dollars.
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    I think it's good that the higher tiers aren't focused entirely on "value" based concerns. Can you imagine if the trend of the # of packs you get didn't stop at King? So Dragon Lord gets like 1500 packs? At some point it's just silly.

    On the other hand, people clearly value things like having their likeness on a card, or high end exclusive deck sleeves just for the exclusive cool factor of backing the game at such a high level.

    I say let anyone who's trying to buy a pile of discount cards just stack King tiers all they want. I guarantee that the Dragon Lords don't care that Knight gets an extra primal pack.

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    I have pledged Dragon Lord and 2 Pro.
    I get more value from the 2 Pro which is silly...
    I'm hoping for a raise on Dragon Lord or I'll downgrade to Grand King which is also silly


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