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Thread: Remove a KS reward?

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    Remove a KS reward?

    I know its weird to ask to remove something but, i think the name in credits should be removed from the reward or at least place in a higher tier. Seeing over 1000 names is a bit much i would think

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    I understand what your saying, but those 1000 were a big part of making it happen.

    Give them all thanks, and appreciate the belief we had from the start.

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    I can agree with that, I rather not have my name displayed at all.

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    Usually there is a post kickstarter survey where you enter how you want your name displayed. You could just leave it blank.

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    Not sure I ever made it to an endgame/credits screen on a MMO

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    most MMO's don't have credit screens. I assume this will since its part of the package...If i never see my name, ill be disappointed.

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    They usually have the credits as a button option before login, from experience.

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    The real question is whether people who multi backed tiers get to see their name twice.

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    I think that once they have the list they'll be able to remove duplicates


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    If you'd rather remain anonymous I'm sure you can call them and they'll take care of you. They're pretty down for the cause so far.
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