I don't have an issue with people doubling up on tiers, but I want to see more money pumped into this game so it will be an even greater success. The current issue now is that each stretch goal is saying a certain tier and up get the same reward. This is causing more benefit in going with multiple low tiers as opposed to higher ones. If you keep adding, "king and higher get this," then you are raising the value of king and effectively lowering the higher tiers. What needs to be done in my opinion is adding greater benefits to higher tiers within the same stretch goal. An example would be knight and higher get a certain card. King and higher get the card with one piece of legendary equipment. Grand king and higher gets fully equipped version and so forth. This increases value at the higher tiers and encourages more funding. Adding the same benefit at tier x and above makes stacking more desirable. Let me know what you all think. I'm so excited about this game and just want to see it flourish.