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    Original Soundtrack

    I'm just curious if there is going to be any music developed for the game. I've never played any type of TCG before, let alone one on the computer. Would a soundtrack get in the way/be annoying after your 1,000th battle? What about a mechanism from within the game to stream music from your computer or in the cloud (i.e. Google Music)?

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    While atmospheric music is great, if you play a lot it might get tiring.

    I know that professional starcraft players often play with music or sound disabled and play their own music while playing. If you play 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, the music eventually gets to you I guess.

    That being said, I doubt this will be a concern for 99+% of the people playing the game.

    Almost all of my favourite music comes from video games, and I'd definitely be interested in listening to whatever they come up with for this game.

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    I hope they have plans for some nice music. And when it gets to tiering you can always turn it off.

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    I usually turn the music off for most games I play online cause it gets repetitive. I usually supply my own if its needed, but I hope they do have some, especially in PvE cause atmospheric music does bring an environment together.

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    Actually, in the early part of the stream you can hear some of the music before the player mutes all sound because of the echoes

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