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Thread: Seeking PvE raid Guild Leader <<Applications wanted>>

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    Post Seeking PvE raid Guild Leader <<Applications wanted>>

    We are no longer looking for a Guild Leader, but for Officer's to help us run the Council. Please read on if you are interested.

    What is the Unnamed Council?

    The Unnamed Council is a dedicated PvE Dungeon delving and Raid Guild, with elements of PvP. We are focused on relaxed yet organised gameplay.

    What kind of Guild is this?

    Casual, a laid back group of people with an interest in the PvE aspects of Hex and achieving whatever we may be able to. Grace in defeat and celebration in victory! We will be taking our group activities seriously, but we strive to have fun and enjoy ourselves in doing so. Hex should be for having fun and not be considered a secondary job or a place to scapegoat someone for failure. We will strive to provide learning and feedback to those that are looking to do so and once we know more about the PvE and in game Guild tools available to us, we will be seeking to determine guild activities.

    Why did we previously want a Guild Leader?

    Before we founded the Council we decided that we needed someone with previous practical guild/clan management experience to help us found our PvE guild. We wanted someone to help us put our idea into action.

    However the amazing Hex Community came together and has helped advise us on how to start developing the guild ourselves.

    That said, we are still in need of skilled individuals to help contribute to the running of the Guild.

    You are still looking for people to help out?

    Yes! We have space for people to get involved with the leadership of the guild.

    Currently we are looking to take people on as Patron's. This is our Officer rank within the guild and initially your duties will involve engaging the community, recruiting new members and just generally advising us on guild affairs. On release we want you guys to be pillars of the community; leading raids, entering tournaments and generally being awesome.

    There will be opportunities for advancement to the Inner Circle for exceptional Patrons.

    What is the Inner Circle?

    The Inner Circle is the Unnamed Council's mysterious leaders. There are currently three.

    To advance to the Inner Circle you need to prove yourself as a dedicated member of the guild and be accepted via private Inner Circle vote. As a Council leader you will be responsible for organising the guilds activities and tirelessly engaging the community. You will represent the guild and all its members in clan activities.

    We need people who are passionate about TCG's and who have the spare time to be on the Inner Circle. They will be very sociable, a strong online presence and team players. Experience of running a separate forum or website would be very handy.

    ---To anyone reading this, think you have what it takes? Let us know!---

    Even if you apply and for some reason we don't think you fit, if you've got the interest we will still welcome you as an Acolyte member of the Unnamed Council.

    - Cato
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