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    Hello wonderful people who have supported Hex so far and who we will soon meet in game! Whether we’ll meet as allies or rivals, depends on you! We are The Dragonborn , a group of friends that has been playing card games of all sorts, whether they are in real life (like Magic the Gathering) or on the internet (like CCGs from 5th Planet Games). We decided to join Hex as well as soon as we found out about it, and we are very excited to be able to form a league here, open to everyone who is willing to join us! So, let’s introduce ourselves!

    Who we are!

    We are seasoned card games players. We know our stuff, we know each other and we know what we want. The original Dragonborn consists of 15 players (though we like to call each other friends). We have new friends joining in every single day, and what began as a group of long time card games buddies, has now evolved into a wonderful and ardent group of really pleasant people that have brought deck building to the next level. We are currently more than 40 and we keep on growing, having pledged ~$14k! Most of our members in our current Hex League have been in other games’ leaderboards for consecutive months, and in games where there are League vs League features our Leagues have always been in the top, showing our dedication to said games and the amount of effort we put every single day in order to achieve our goals.We use a room on Skype for our group chat (since it is flexible and easy, and has the screen sharing feature that lets us view other people's gameplay styles), and google documents to monitor updates regarding hex, statistics about the game and as soon as the beta launches we’ll use it for even more purposes. We have players all over the world, so timezones shouldn’t be an issue since there are always quite a few people online at any given time, more than willing to help when required. Currently we have members from all over USA, Canada, Asia (China, Singapore), Australia and Europe (France, UK, Greece, Sweden and few more). If we can get people from other countries as well, even better! Which leads us to the next section:

    Who we are looking for!

    We want a strong, competitive and fun league, like the ones we have had for so long prior to Hex! We are looking to spread the fun, recruiting even more people! We want really active players that will be here with us every single day, and it would really help if they have some experience with other card games, especially ones similar to Hex. We want the game to be fun for everyone in league, but we also want us to be as strong as possible; that’s the ideal player for our league, that’s who we’re looking for. Let me get this straight though; what we care the most about is our community. Being on top in a game while hardly speaking to each other is not fun. We want to be as competitive as possible, but high activity and friendliness are the most important aspects we are looking for. As I said before, we already are a long time group of friends; we now want to expand our group and include other fun and passionate people as well!

    If you feel like you could join a league like ours, have no second thoughts. We are the guys you’re looking for, and as soon as you join us Hex will be even more fun for you! Looking forward to your applications in this thread, or you can PM me to chat on Skype and get to know the rest of the gang as well! Also, here's a quick forum we pulled together, for people that can't use Skype during work. We'll try to update it as much as possible, so check back regularly! (do not apply directly there without posting here first. We'd like to get to know you a bit first)

    Update: Something I feel should be made clear: Nothing is set in stone. We will accept pretty much everyone at this point, but you have till Beta kicks in to prove you're worth being with us. So, no hard feelings to anyone that might get rejected later, but we do try and have the best people with us. The quality of your forum posts and our discussions in the league chat will determine whether you are Dragonborn material or not (TL;DR : If you're a troll or find it funny to be offensive, this is no place for you. We want to have fun playing the game, and I'll do my best to keep it that way for everyone)
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    Here's our recruit thread, check us out!: CLICK ME, YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!

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    Sign me up!!! I have seen your community in action and I like what I have seen.

    Zeblin reporting for duty!! - Formerly of Legacy of Heroes

    Resident of Eastern Standard Time - Ann Arbor Michigan - GO BLUE!

    GrandKing Backer
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    Welcome on board Zeblin, good to have you with us!

    Here's our recruit thread, check us out!: CLICK ME, YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!

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    bjornvarr seeking entry.

    looking forward to meeting your community and getting to play with Zeblin again, if you will have me.

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    Cool! Btw where are you guys from? I mean to update the OP whenever someone joins, for others to know where our members are from, to see if it fits their timezones

    Here's our recruit thread, check us out!: CLICK ME, YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!

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    Seems like I may just fit!

    Im 22 years old and come from Sweden.
    I can't really say that I've played that much TCG Before but hopefully that won't be a problem

    Best regards//DisOrd3r

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    hey Celticcross im 28 from Canada ,Ontario
    i played a few tcg wow and magic and a few other
    can wait to this come out im a king backer

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    Welcome friends! Can't wait to play with you on September!

    Ghost, great banner! Good job man, I like it!

    Here's our recruit thread, check us out!: CLICK ME, YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!

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    Hey Kenshin thanks for posting the recruitment thread. I'm one of the other gamers coming over with the league. Most of them haven't created forum users yet, but there are about 20 of us that are coming over so far. We usually chat in Skype and a few of us just met up this last weekend in real life for some gaming. (MTG for those of you that are familiar) We're staying active on our other online game until Hex goes live... eagerly looking forward to it!

    I'm one of the deck tuners. I like to test out new ideas and see what works. I started playing MTG back in 1995 and plan on applying a lot of that to Hex. The dungeons seem cool to me because I am expecting lots of unusual challenges in those encounters that will take some creative deck building.

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