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Thread: Getting the word out there.

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    Getting the word out there.

    Since i've kicked the game i've been looking at how the game is getting out there to the community at large and i'm sure we could spread the words quicker if you guys approached a couple popular youtube review channels like


    total biscuit

    both have covered TCGgames and are massive fans of the genre, with 16 days left and not a peep out of either channel. with 5/6 million veiwers i think you could blow your kickstarter out the water.

    and up a link to your site on the kickstarter! i had to find out about it after i kicked the project and it's not great that all the questions i wanted answered are hidden on this little corner with not 1 link anywhere. Link at the very top of your kick so people on the fence have their answers.

    I love your vision and concept of the game. I love the story lines and the race designs (your concept ideas of dwarves are turely a breath of fresh air into them). But for the love of primals get this into the hands that matter. I feel your focused to internally into tcg news that the larger public are missing out and we need them scrubs to populate the game and drive it!!!!

    6 million veiwers! get cracking and give these guys access. I'm just glad i've got my grand kings as they will love it.

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    agreed now make it happen!!!!

    i think angry joe may also back this up. he is into board games and video games most likely knows crypto.
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    I'm sure they'll communicate more during beta for release.

    Having 1M people on Kickstarter is not gonna help as the most interesting tiers are already taken


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    The more beta testers the better, though.

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    Just make sure people don't go nuts spamming them, as they tend to get upset by the constant flood of kickstarter spam that happens 24/7 from various project.

    At this point though, since the KS has gone so well, they might want to wait on bringing people in until the game is about to release. That way they can show a finished and polished product to those fan bases instead, and bring in more players at release. I think that will probably do them more good long run than showing a pre-alpha if they're already funded 4 times over. If 2% of their viewers back a KS based on a pre-alpha, you might instead get 15+% of viewers downloading the game and trying it free to play if the video is of a fully functional release.

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    I would honestly wait until the game is in a more complete state. We want positive first impressions from these personalities so it drives more traffic to the game. As the game currently is, its confusing for players who are coming from Hearthstone or not overly familiar with TCGs. Just read general chat within the client and you will see many people complaining the game is pay to win.

    In addition, Total Biscuit actually does know about this game since he talked about WotC vs Hex Ent in one of the episodes.

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    way to thread necro something from a year and a half ago
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    Quote Originally Posted by Falaris View Post
    way to thread necro something from a year and a half ago
    Strange, it displayed this thread on the front page for me.

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    Holy Necro Batman! That thread must be nearly 20 months old! What are we going to do?
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