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Thread: [Opinion] The Antagonist of Entrath

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    [Opinion] The Antagonist of Entrath


    The Humans are the true antagonists of Entrath.

    Along with the Elves they pushed the Shin'hare into the Underworld leading to the Shin'hare gaining control over the Shroomkin. While not Entirely their fault and this wasn't foreseeable the Humans and Elves could have merely attempted to reduce their population, leading to attacks by shin'hare more often over time but not the overwhelming force they ended up facing.

    The greatest mistake of the Humans was the constant attacks on the new Race of Necrotic. While Understandable to a certain extent, attacking one race for 2000 years and going so far as hiring mercenaries seems extravagant to me. The patience of the Necrotic to take the attacks finally broke leaving them to form the Underworld faction and causing a war on a massive scale.

    This is mostly my opinion and subject to dispute. Also hindsight is win as always.

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    Shin'hare should all burn in a fire. If there was an error in the Shin'hare campaign, was that they didn't kill them all.

    I used to think like you on the Necrotic situation, until I read the warlock lore - Human warlocks speak to the souls of their dead, and the dead are most definitely NOT keen on the whole Necrotic situation. Add that to the fact that we know next to nothing about the Necrotics goals, and they're probably being set up as the antagonist masterminds. Of course, all of the Underworld faction is made of bastards: the Shin'Hare are imperialistic slavers (even if not competent ones), the Vennen want to sacrifice everyone, and the Dwarves just want to see the world shatter.

    Not, mind you, that the Ardents are coming off much nicer in the deal: the elves are the arrogant bastards they've always been (even though they're a different flavour than the usual fantasy, being much closer to their Sidhe origins), the Coyotle know important facts on Hex they're not sharing, the Orcs are just like the Vennen (except they make their sacrifices in the arena, and they sacrifice each other as well), and the Humans aren't all that nice either.

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    The Necrotic are the closest to the Hex, by actually being part of the Hex in a way. It is possible that Hex is antagonistic, or there are multiple factions, The orbiting Hex crystal and the Hex crystal connected to the Necrotic in the center of the planet.

    The Coyotle are strange, they do know the most about Hex but I don't think they would do anything even if the Hex was going to destroy Entrath.

    Vennen are nothing more than Avatars of the Primal of Blood. They are a strange race, if you can call them a race.

    The Orcs are just savages really in my opinion, killing people in the Arena to offer blood to the Primal, Kog''Tepetl.

    Maybe the ones that need to be watched are the things from the Void.

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    I have often wondered if Crypto has already decided WHAT the Necrotic are, or if everything is still up in the air. My head can't help but swim on the possibilities of the Necrotic.

    What are they? What is their connection to Hex? Are the Hexing Gems gateways that allow the alien intelligence to animate the corpses, or do the Gems actually CONTAIN the consciousnesses? If they do contain the consciousnesses, are the Diamonds the only ones that do so? Or do the remainder also contain consciousnesses? If the latter, why are we only seeing Diamond Necrotic? Are the Diamonds the only ones capable of allowing the consciousness to animate the body? Is it a Necrotic caste thing? Or are the Necrotic composed of warring factions, with the Diamonds "enslaving" the other kinds?

    So many possibilities! I can't wait to see what the Hex lore team is going with them.

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    I didn't really think about it at the time but that is a good point. Why are only Diamond gems being used?

    The only race we have seen 'Taken' (lack of a better word can't really say brought back to life) by the Necrotic were humans and I wonder if that has something to do with the gem types in some way.

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    I think each race could be the protagonist. I mean we are playing the PvE from either perspective and any of the 8 initial races, so it would just depend on who's view point you crafted the story.

    Nothing says a world with divergent races and philosophies has to have a single protagonist race. Not exactly how world building works for something like this. Each race has to inherently be a protagonist in each situation it finds itself in just to keep the world view balanced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBento View Post
    I used to think like you on the Necrotic situation, until I read the warlock lore - Human warlocks speak to the souls of their dead, and the dead are most definitely NOT keen on the whole Necrotic situation. Add that to the fact that we know next to nothing about the Necrotics goals, and they're probably being set up as the antagonist masterminds.
    Just because someone died doesn't make them more rational or valuable than other lives. Necrotic aren't just mindless zombies, they're a life form in what was an empty shell. Yes humans and their ghosts find it insulting, but is that insult worth genocide? They nearly collapsed multiple civilizations to try and kill off a form of life whose existence they found insulting. That's some straight up racism. Sure you don't know what their goals are, but most of their allies are either out for blood lust (orcs) or reclusive with their own hidden agendas anyways (elves + coyotle). Who's to say a newly awakened race had an agenda before the genocide started?

    I agree with OP that I see the humans as antagonists so far. I think that humans and necrotic are going to be the leaders of both sides, and that they'll form the mastermind protagonists and antagonists for which ever side people choose. Each faction has its own personal enemy though. Humans clash with necrotic, shin'hare clash with coyotle, orcs clash with vennen, and dwarves clash with elves. The dwarves and elves thing might be more subtle so far, but chaotic beings using technology to destroy, against beings who use a rigid and structured magic (Wild magic exclusively, because lore) to grow and expand nature.

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    I never claimed increased rationality. What I DO claim is that the people whose bodies the Necrotic are using have actually weighed in on the matter, and said "stop them." It's their bodies, and they have a greater claim to them than whatever the Necrotic are.

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    Their are a couple of the eight main races of the two factions I can't see become true antagonists. While anyone can end up being an antagonists it is generally under a small time frame and if you were to expand the time frame it would change.

    Coyotle - I can't see them become an antagonist, they were attacked for thousands of years by the Shin'hare, the attacks didn't stop until the Humans and Elves got sick of the Shin'hare. If a race can defend themselves for thousands of years and not retaliate that is saying something. The Coyotle can supposedly control weather so retaliation wouldn't have been that hard.

    Dwarves - The Dwarves are a race that I liken to Volcanos, very destructive but a poor antagonist, possible but not a very good one. It is hard for me to classify something as a true antagonists if they always do the same thing, eventually over time you just accept they want to kill you and it becomes another faucet of living.

    Vennen - I am not even sure the Vennen can think for themselves, if anyone is an antagonist here it would be the Blood Primal who created the Vennen. A lot like the Dwarves I liken the Vennen to more of a plague and if someone was able to Kill Xentoth then the Vennen would end up extinct eventually.

    Necrotic - The Necrotic are still a fairly new race, after 2000 years of humans attack them they retaliated. Now they are the race that can probably mostly easily become the antagonists of Entrath. With the Underworld alliance the Necrotic learned blood magic from the Vennen, now they have power and reason to hate the rest of Entrath. The Necrotic story is really just beginning and can end up going any direction.

    Orcs - This race I think can only become an antagonist if the High Clerics think Kog'Tepetl, Mountain God, wants them to destroy Entrath or some other race. Other than that I just seem them as fanatics.

    Shin'Hare - The Shin'hare to me are a militaristic government, and the military generally doesn't like chaos or things outside of their control. So it makes sense for them to want to enslave the rest of Entrath, however this also makes them a great possibility for being a true antagonist.

    Elves - The Elves are alot like the Dragons, not caring much about the rest of the world other than themselves and nature, however they lack the overwhelming power of dragons that allows dragons to ignore the rest of the world. Due to this Isolationism it is more likely for them to just ignore the rest of the world instead of trying to antagonize but due to their lack of overwhelming strength they will always be affected by the other races.

    I already said my part about Humans I think, so that is my rough ideas on the 8 Faction races.

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    The beauty of Hex, from what I've seen, is that everyone is technically the antagonist and protagonist. Always remember that the protagonist is the one whose story is being told, the one striving towards a goal. He is not automatically a hero though. The antagonist is not a villain either, he's just someone whose goal obstructs the protagonist's path. Or it could be a part of the protagonist himself.

    Each race has goals, some more nebulous than others. Those goals however run contrary to other races, so clash is inevitable. No one is good, no one is evil, everyone is just living in this brand new world of magic and mayhem.
    "A little nonsense now and then, is relished by the wisest men."

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