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Thread: The Unnamed Council - Relaxed yet Organized PvE

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    Quote Originally Posted by rstrbn View Post
    The Keep name is a carry over from the KS before the game was released, it is just your IGN. If you chat something in the chat box in game you will see it .
    You can always ask in chat what your name is or use the /me command in the text box.

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    I have chatted in the chat box a few times but all it says for me about my name is you.

    I did the /me command but when i did that everyone in chat saw /me command in chat and everyone responded and someone told me my in game name which is Eyverin same name for here as well. When I chat my name of Eyverin is suppose to be shown to me as well? why I ask is when I chat all it says for me is you and doesn't show my name but shows my name to others when I chat

    I applied filled out an application for TUC but I am not sure if was successfully sent or not
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