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Thread: The Unnamed Council - Relaxed yet Organized PvE

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    Lightbulb Winter Hibernation and Spring Update

    Hello and Greetings from the Unnamed Council.

    2014 has been a sleepy start not just for our Guild but also for the Hex Community as a whole as we all slowly wait for CZE to transition from Alpha to Beta. Our forums have been slow but steady over the winter period, a big thanks to all of our community regulars for keeping us going.

    Remember our forums are mostly open for public viewing, you can see them here:

    Note: Deckbuilding and some areas are not visible to guests.

    We hope for Beta to be announced for late Spring and we expect to enjoy a member revival at this time. Meanwhile new cards are slowly being added to the Alpha for us to test and the client has never been more stable. New members are still welcome to the Guild although bear in mind we are in a quiet phase as the majority of our members wait for PvE content.

    We look forward to playing with everyone in the near future.

    - Cato, Skyrek, Erebus & Eryn Shades
    TUC Inner Council Admin

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