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Thread: Duels of the Planeswalkers (Original) - Now Working on Windows 7

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    I'm not sure how I managed to get the Face Editor to work on my currently saved game. I'm sure I had to do something to trick it into working... Oh well.

    Been playing a few Unlimited Sealed tournaments. Someone else Control Magicing your Craw Wurm is pretty annoying.

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    Where are people finding the file? The links on the first page of that thread lead to "file not found." At least for the recommended one, I haven't checked the ones they say are for archival purposes only.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beastmaster View Post
    Sweet! Thanks!

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    I downloaded it and it has brought back some memories!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ForgedSol View Post
    Where are people finding the file? The links on the first page of that thread lead to "file not found." At least for the recommended one, I haven't checked the ones they say are for archival purposes only.
    Look for the below post and his sig has three links. Each has the links to the Shandalar file to download.

    Quote Originally Posted by CirothUngol
    Re: Download Original MicroProse & ManaLink Game Files!
    by CirothUngol 10 Apr 2013, 06:14

    n3r0 wrote:
    Should I install 20100109 update over 2010 ISO?
    Nope, that's not how it works.
    I'm sure this is confusing to those who haven't been aware of Manalink's advancements over the years. Here's an approximate TimeLine:

    1997) Original Microprose MtG is released
    1998) Microprose MtG: Duels of the Planeswalkers is released
    2001) Mok releases his Manalink 1.3.2 Unofficial Update
    2006) Mok releases his final Manalink 2.0 Mod, and then promptly disappears
    2007) Community Updates to Manalink 2.0 begin
    2009) New graphics and GameModes added to Manalink
    2010) 2000 card limit is reached and old cards start being removed
    2010) The CCGHQ Custom ISO is released
    2011) Mok briefly reappears and helps Devs to break the 2000 card limit
    2012) Manalink 3.0 is released (now with a 16384 card limit)

    Manalink has seen many changes and additions over the years, so properly updating a basic Microprose install can be a real difficult and convoluted pain... hence the complete updated versions. Although they all use MtG DotP + Manalink 1.3.2 as a base, once updated they're quite incompatible with each other... especially the 2010 Custom ISO. It has a few custom updates of it's very own, and you should never use any other updates on that version.

    There are several "complete" versions available:

    Manalink 1.3.2 - The original Microprose MtG: Duels of the Planeswalkers with all 649 cards enabled, direct peer-to-peer network connections, and several fixes to Shandalar that make it playable on 'modern systems' (i.e. anything faster than 300Mhz). This version has been compatible with every edition of Windoze I've ever owned (95b, 98SE, 2000, XPsp3, 7x64) and I still play it occasionally.
    Manalink 1.3.2 update is dated August 12, 2001.

    CCGHQ 2010 Custom ISO - No new Game Modes or ArtWork (other than CardArt), but this version is quick, responsive, and stable as hell. It looks, acts, plays, and installs just like the original game, but contains more than twice the number of cards! I believe the 2010 ISO contains all of the updates that were written in ASM, before C programming was enabled for new cards (drastically simplifying and speeding up the process). Still my favorite version and probably the one I play the most.
    The last update for the CCGHQ Custom ISO was July 21, 2011.

    Manalink 2.0 - Since it was in constant development by several people over many years, there are simply oodles and oodles of updates for this version. It introduced all of the current extra Game Modes (Momir, Challenge, Draft, etc.) as well as all of the improved graphics and CardArt updates. It also used separate executables to work around the 2000 card limit (Magic.exe, MagicLimited.exe, MagicCustom.exe, and MagicGY.exe), with each executable requiring a separate CardArt Folder.
    The last update for Manalink 2.0 was December 1, 2011.

    Manalink 3.0 - The current version was officially released on January 28, 2012 and is developed by Gargaroz. It uses a completely different CARDS.DAT format than previous versions to accommodate the expanded card list and also contains an updated DeckBuilder, new CardArt file naming format, plus a few other graphic updates. The version found in my MtG Folder has Shandalar completely removed.
    The March 22, 2013 update contains 7437 coded cards and 9515 CardArt images.

    Shandalar 2012 - Shandalar.exe (the "adventure" part of the game) was updated in 2001 as part of Mok's Manalink 1.3.2, and didn't receive another update until December 2011. No new cards were added, but it now uses the updated DeckBuilder, CardArt, and DuelArt from Manalink 3.0 and has pre-juiced SaveFiles... other than that, it's the same ol' Shandalar. Great as ever. ^_^

    These versions should all be considered separate entities, and you should always use the appropriate Base Install when updating.

    Oh, about Manalink 2.x 20100109. That's approximately the last version of Manalink 2.0 before the inevitable removal of older cards to make room for new ones (because of the 2000 card limit). It comes complete with Game Modes and updated ArtWork, etc., and retains backwards-compatibility with all of the original PlayDecks (which is no longer an issue with Manalink 3.0). If desired, it can be used as a Base Install for further updates of Manalink 2.0 (never go backwards).

    Newest downloads can be found at the links in my signature. I'm currently planning on rebuilding the 2.x 20100109 version (because the PlayDeck Analyser has exposed much incorrectness) and Shandalar is about to get a Major professional-style upgrade courtesy of hip63 (who built the 2010 Custom ISO installer). I've just seen the Beta, and brother... spectacular doesn't even begin to describe it!

    Personal Note: Nobody is gonna read that wall of text. ^_^

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    Oh my. I did enjoy this game back in the day. It was half the reason I backed HEX.
    I wanna duel them like they do in Hex City.
    I am Lord of Lunatica.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeaOfInsanity View Post
    Oh my. I did enjoy this game back in the day. It was half the reason I backed HEX.
    I loved it too. The AI sucked so bad, though... It would randomly Giant Growth my units.

    Still... Lifeforce and Sleight of Mind felt so harsh...

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    I downloaded shandalar but for some reasons , i couldn't edit the deck so i gave up.

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