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Thread: Consequences for dropping drafts?

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    Question Consequences for dropping drafts?

    Rare drafting is going to happen anyway... and people are going to be dropping anyway, especially since thousands of people are going to have weekly free drafts and not all of them will have 3+ hours and the interest in tournament play.

    I love drafting, but I know that some weeks I wont have the time to do mine and I'm absolutely not giving up the free cards... soooo what consequences will I suffer for that? Everyone else gets closer to the prize, they just lose out on some value cards and game time... but I certainly don't mind free wins when I do play.
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    Just a loss I imagine.

    Every draft tourney will be tracked as official play so it'll hit your ranking, but shouldn't be too bad unless you do it a lot.

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    There needs to be an allowance for dropping out of any kind of tournament as there will always be circumstances beyond one’s control, like an Internet outage or some real life occurence. There is no real way to be able to distinguish between that and someone dropping out without any reason (even Internet outages are easy to create on demand). What should be done is that behind the scenes the program should keep track of this, and possibly apply penalties when it detects a too regular pattern. What kind of penalty I have no clue though.

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    You lose, someone gets a free buy, but has to wait for the next round.

    Most likely they'll put a 30 minute or so penalty, during which, you won't be able to join other PvP queues.

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    I'm not sure if you've played League but I don't believe quitting before playing should tank your score, its a bad idea because then someone who is actually decent will do it on purpose and just destroy kids who actually deserve to be there. It should have a timer on when you could play again? Maybe still count as a los but doesn't actually affect your hidden mmr/elo

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    I don't see any problem with people dropping the draft, the opponent just get a free buy.

    Cryptozoic just have to make sure that, over time, trying to win yield the best overall rewards. If they do, raredrafting should not be a problem for anyone.

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    Don't see rare drafting a problem during set 1 because rares are going to be common anyway be lost some ranking points if you drop out

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    I've done various leagues before but never really was that competitive so I didn't pay too much attention to my win/loss rankings

    But yeah, in physical tournaments people drop all the time. In Swiss for example if you are out of the prize running... or if you're at a Con and it's just running too long and there's a panel you want to go catch.

    It shouldn't be a severe punishment... and yeah I guess if you could tank your ranking and beat up on casuals that wouldn't be very nice

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    Death by "My Mother the Car" reruns.

    Or, on a serious note... They'll not get any of the sweet tournament prizes, but that's about the extent of it.

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