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Thread: Spending money in Hex - Strategy

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    Spending money in Hex - Strategy

    TL - DR version:
    • Use the Auction House to buy packs, unless you want to gamble for a primal pack(more about primals below) - Packs typically sell there 15%-30% lower than retail prices.
    • All items obtained have real value through a player ran economy in-game, or a third party economy externally. Your collection can be traded. You can profit from simply playing and acquiring cards.
    • Consider not opening packs directly in the store - open them in drafts or other modes where there is potential to win more. (Set1 and Set2 packs are an exception now due to not being able to play them in limited tournaments)
    • Sell what you don't need, to pay for draft/tournament entries - where the value of a pack goes a lot further.
    • Research paid competitive modes before getting involved. Sealed Gauntlet is quite fun, however pricey, but can be a good platform to start to learn what the competitive experience is like. Draft provides the best value once you learn how to play it, However it can be a 2-3 hour time commitment to complete one.

    Retail play rational and maximizing your purchases - Being a smart consumer
    In a digital TCG that allows trading you need to factor in several things to determine the value of a card:
    • 100 Platinum(paid currency) is equal to $1.00 USD
    • Packs at their lowest purchasable price (let's say $1.40 for set3)
    • Packs at their perceived market value (AH price, this price will normally be higher than $1.40 and lower than $2)
    • Packs at their retail price ($2)
    • Rarity of the card
    • Playability of the card
    • Saturation of available cards in the current market
    • The trade value of Platinum at any given time for cards and Gold(free currency)

    Step #1 - 'Acquiring' product
    The first thing you should know, specially if you are new to TCG's is:
    The worst way to spend your money is through buying packs directly from the Hex Store, because players will sell for less.

    From the above list we already know, in Hex the base value of a single pack is $1.40.
    With that said, the likelihood of packs being worth less than $1.40 is slim, but will depend entirely on the market saturation (how much is on the auction house), and how much value certain cards are trading for in Platinum.

    Anytime you spend more than $1.40 to acquire a pack you are spending more than you need to. (This will not be true for the beginning of a new set release)

    Anytime you get a pack for less than $1.40, you are making an educated purchase based on the packs perceived value. (remember some players will sell packs for less than the AH, because there is no 5% AH fee through player trade through Mail)

    There is some discussion about the value of buying packs from the store for a chance to get a Primal pack. A Primal pack is a "God" pack that gives you 2 legendary cards, 13 rare cards, and a legendary chest. The only way you can get a Primal pack to 'proc' is either buying packs from the HEX TCG Store, or winning packs in the game. Packs purchased from the Auction House can not 'proc' a Primal pack from the AH purchase. Primal Packs have about a 2% chance to proc when you buy packs from the store or win packs from in-game hosted tournaments. When the Primal pack procs, you get the Primal pack "In Addition to" the pack you bought or won.

    Right now, some folks that have done math on Primal packs have mentioned that if you are planning to buy in bulk (over 10-20packs at a time), and want a chance at Primal packs, when packs are above a certain price in the Auction House, it's better to buy packs from the store at the chance for a Primal pack. The formula is something like this when the packs are worth buying from the store for a chance at a Primal: Current AH Primal Set(x) Pack Value is > 2000 plat, and Current AH Set(x) Pack Value is > than 160 plat.

    Step #2 - Funding a habit
    The second thing to know is that:
    Getting what you want in a TCG can be expensive, if you do not plan ahead.

    Once you have "acquired" your pack(s), the natural thing to do would be "crack dem bad boys open!".
    NO! NO! NO! Don't doooo eeeet!
    In the digital TCG age, this is the worst thing you can do with the investment you make when 'acquiring' packs. (* quick note - It's okay to open set1 and set2 packs now, as they are no longer applicable to limited formats - but look for offers to stretch their value through player-trade)

    The best thing you can do is join a draft.

    More information on what a draft is and how it is played can be found here:
    Extensive look at draft experience:
    Extensive tips for Set1 drafting:

    Here is a little secret. If you don't want to play competitive, don't, but still invest your energy in opening your packs this way. (It doesn't have to be a big time investment)
    There are 2 draft modes in Hex:
    • Swiss casual Draft - prizes for everyone that get 1 or more wins (all players play 3 rounds)
    • Single Elimination Competitive Draft - prizes for everyone that make it past the first round

    If you don't have the time, and are not competitive, do not hestitate, and instantly join a single elimination competitive draft. This does not mean you pay more for the draft, it just means if you don't win, you don't win. You still keep the 51 cards(3packs you open worth of cards) you pick from 375 potential card choices. This draft mode will have the highest potential of pro players in it. What does that mean?...


    You will get so much more joining one of these queues and rare drafting, then you would opening 4 packs by yourself, so you pay a dollar more(entry fee = 100plat) and you DOOOO EEET!

    Alternatively, you can join a swiss draft and try to rare draft as well. You will have a better chance to win rounds, so you can win some packs, as the players there will likely be newer. Unfortunately, since most are newer, most will take their rares as well, so you won't get passed a lot of cards you don't have.

    You could also try playing sealed (open 6 packs, keep all 102 cards, and make a deck with them). In sealed there is more of a luck factor, so if you get some good cards and make a good deck, you can beat people that may not have gotten as lucky with the 6 packs they opened.

    The fact is, you are utilizing your packs in a way that could earn you more packs.

    You can sell the extra rares and legendary you get to make more plat on the Auction House. You can do the same if you accumulate a large collection of packs. Even uncommons and commons are worth money. With the game now also having a PvE component, it's important to note that there is a large playerbase that wants PvP cards, but does not want to play PvP tournaments. Take advantage of those players and make some plat on the Auction House. Remember that PvE loot and cards earned for free will have a very marginal value, but PvP cards earned through packs will always have a small value. You can even list cards, not selling well on the Auction House for plat, for gold.

    Then use that gold to roll chests you get from opening packs. Chests are obtained everytime you open a pack, this includes packs you open in drafts and other tournaments. There are 5 rarities - 4 of which you can get out of a pack - Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary (Primal can only be earned by upgrading through a spin). Wheels of Fate Chest spins give you a chance to win more goodies, even exclusive AA's, PvP packs, PvP rares/legendaries, and PvE exclusive roll cards. These cards are all worth money. So having spare gold lying around helps feed the habit as well. We don't know what will be in chests yet, but we can roll them, and know, eventually once we can open them, their contents will have value as well.

    Use tools like or to look at market trends to make good listings and purchases:

    Step #3 - Turn your packs into Primal Packs
    Any pack you get through the HEX Store, or Win in Tournaments has the potential to be a primal pack, and any pack you get on the AH has the potential to "turn into" a primal pack.

    Playing with the cheap packs you acquire, in the PVP setting, whether it be draft or sealed / etc. gives you the opportunity to win additional packs. Those packs you win have the potential to be primal packs. So basically, if you play with packs you buy from the AH, and win with those packs, you may get lucky and win a primal pack with the packs you win.

    Dollar for dollar value right now, Primal packs are worth more than most legendary cards in the game. It's up to you to trade them to make more, but anything you can do to turn a pack into a primal pack, vastly increases the packs value, and your investment.

    Step #4 - Profit
    Basically, if you follow everything I mentioned above, you will enjoy your time cracking packs a lot more, and will save a ton of money doing it. Anything you win or have in excess can be traded, and your trading should allow you to avoid future entry fee costs in drafts/tournaments. Allow spending to be fun, and efficient, so you get that value you want for an affordable price. Good luck out there, and don't shard yourself!

    Hex Card Browsers:
    Hex TCG Browser
    More Tips below

    Full List of new Starter Cards
    Team Clockwork's PvE Compendium
    Hex Community Discord - Text and VOIP Chat Server
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    "I want to be a F2P Hex Success story": You can accomplish this now, but it won't be easy. First you will want to let players know, in chat/on forums that you are a new struggling player, and any help they could provide you will go a long way. Take charity. Use the charity to beat the arena. In the Arena, you will earn cards, equipment and gold. Out of those 3 things, the easiest thing to trade will be gold. Try to use the trade chat and offer your gold for sale, for plat. You can also use 25,000 gold at a time to buy the AA PvP cards from the Hex Store (None now since patch, but will likely be more soon), and then sell those cards for plat. Eventually, when you've accrued enough plat, you will want to employ the strategies I mentioned above to draft, as that provides the highest ROI (return on investment).

    Remember that this is a TCG - Every little bit you acquire in the game increases the overall value of your collection, and your overall ability to trade for more. You can literally start with nothing 1 day, and be casually trading $20 cards making a profit every 10minutes a few weeks later. Time is literally money, and you can use your time both farming arena, and trading with players and on the AH to make money in Hex.

    "I don't want to play limited(draft/sealed), and want to play with a good deck right away for constructed and I have...."
    "$20 to spend:" Try to trade with players first, look at the top 8 decklists from tournaments like cups, etc. Try to acquire cards for a specific deck you want, and focus on decks with rares that are both affordable and versatile. You may want to focus building a budget deck like Affinity Ruby/Sapphire Dwarf/Robot deck, or a Wild/Ruby Goremaster Charge Combo deck.

    "$50 to spend:" This can stretch a bit further, but you will want to avoid decks running $15+ legendary cards. You could probably get away with a mono-sapphire tier 1 deck here, w/o cards like Reese. Try to make trades with players. Gorefeast decks would also be very doable, you might even be able to buy and build 2 unique decks from the card pool you can acquire for $50.

    "$100 to spend:" This can get you most any top tier deck at this point. The only one I'd say to stay clear of is Blood/Diamond control, as it still has a grip of $15+ cards that create the strongest base. Focus on acquiring high value rare sets for very playable cards like: Living Totem, Cerulean Mirror Knight, Crackling Vortex, Storm Cloud, Gore Feast, Royal Falconer, etc.

    When buying Platinum, Look first for deals: Gameforge takes various gift-cards. You can sometimes get gift-cards at a discount. Look at the list gift-cards gameforge takes, and try to find 10-20% off deals on those cards.

    When buying Cards you want, Look first for deals: Make a thread on the Auction House and Trading Forum and post the cards you are looking for and what you are willing to buy them for. If you are paying with straight platinum, try offering 10%-25% less than the trending AH prices to see if you can get a deal. Typically someone looking for plat that has the cards will bite at the offer. You can do the same in the games trade chat.

    Additional Tips -
    What do I do now that Set1 and Set2 are no longer offered in Limited formats like Draft/Sealed? Well the best thing to do is to collect the new Set3 packs, and draft and play sealed with those. For a while, since many will be collecting the new set, you can sell the new set3 cards you open in limited formats for more plat then they would be worth in 1-2months after the release. You can then use that plat/gold to buy older set2 and set1 cards you are missing, as the set1 and set2 cards may be at a huge reduced price, since those owners need plat to play set3 limited..

    But I have extra Set1 and Set2 Packs.... Should I just open them now?
    No, try to hold onto them. HEX may come out with future limited modes where you can use those packs again as payment.

    Try and be very comfortable with the client before you start drafting. Play some casual PvP games and know what hotkeys are comfortable for you. Accidentally passing priority for the turn can be really aggravating and potentially cause you to lose multiple packs worth of prizes.

    Sell your constructed decks about 4 weeks before the end of a standard block to maximize the value you get for cards you may no longer be able to play with (only applies to constructed limited blocks, and may not effect players for a long time in Hex)

    Other ways to acquire free stuff:
    • Watch HEX streamers, and try to win free giveaways on their streams.
    • Look for community hosted challenges, and tournaments (usually easy and cheap to build deck tournaments like the Rock League (every month)) (Opportunities are often posted on general forums or fansite forums here)
    • Join a guild, and ask for help
    • Play the arena, and purchase items with the free gold earned
    • Trade with players - use trade chat
    • Sometimes HEX will host a free tournament with prizes, so keep checking the Hex main-site on Fridays for updates and opportunities

    Unofficial Rulebook

    For those interested you can find all my ABT's here, and arena stomp decks. I'll use this space to bump with whatever I am brewing for PvE as well. Enjoy and bump this if you can:
    The Sharp Compendium:
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    Quote Originally Posted by nicosharp View Post
    10 rare drafts in a day would only take me 2hours. maybe less. depending on how fast they pass.
    But for me, if I draft I figure I might as well play it even if I have a shitty deck. So I'd go swiss or 4322

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    Quote Originally Posted by Talreth View Post
    But for me, if I draft I figure I might as well play it even if I have a shitty deck. So I'd go swiss or 4322
    totally viable and wise alternative to potentially earning packs, even if you rare drafted with minimal success.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicosharp View Post
    Any pack you get through the VIP program has the potential to be a primal pack, and any pack you get on the AH has the potential to turn into a primal pack.
    I don't believe your second claim to be the case. A pack only has transformation potential when first purchased/generated as I understand. You can buy regular packs or primals from the AH, but they will not change after purchase.

    I otherwise agree with your line of reasoning and had already intended to do similarly myself.

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    Some fairly good points here. Should be helpful for newer players, and people who didn't have the money to pledge 13 Pro Players and 6 Grang Kings.
    Your daily dose of HEX awesomeness!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tgm0112 View Post
    I don't believe your second claim to be the case. A pack only has transformation potential when first purchased/generated as I understand. You can buy regular packs or primals from the AH, but they will not change after purchase.

    I otherwise agree with your line of reasoning and had already intended to do similarly myself.
    Quote Originally Posted by nicosharp View Post
    Playing with the cheap packs you acquire in PVP, whether it be draft or sealed / etc. you have the potential to win additional packs. Those packs you win have the potential to be primal packs.
    ^ This is what I meant by that. 2 lines below :P

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    Drafting is a good way to maximize the value of your packs, but you forgot about the other limited game modes.

    Marathon and Weekly tournament events.

    We don't know what the prize pool is for these, but they might be better than playing drafts/regular sealed tournaments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyrfang View Post
    Drafting is a good way to maximize the value of your packs, but you forgot about the other limited game modes.

    Marathon, Sealed tournaments, and Weekly tournament events.

    We don't know what the prize pool is for these, but they might be better than playing drafts.
    I'd never rule out other tournament types - I like to use draft as a benchmark for newer players though, as they can pick what they want.. Which is a huge learning experience, and value lesson.

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    True...but I think newer players would probably be better off trying to win 4-3-2-2 than 8-4.

    What's swiss draft's payout? 3-2-1-1-1-1?

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