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Thread: Australia / NZ come here! Guild recruiting :)

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    Talking ELEMENTARY! Oceanic guild recruiting.

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    We'll have a website up soon too

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    Might want to get that bump checked out
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    Added a link from my original post to here = )

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    Here is the obligatory post about helping out with the website etc..I am useless with that but happy to chuck in a few bob towards a TS server however

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    Sounds good, consider me interested.

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    I was going to launch an Oceanic guild, but I'm glad to see someone has beat me to it. I've played a bit of MtG off and on for years, and I've backed Hex at GK level. Looking forward to joining a community of folks playing the same times as me.

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    I am Thai but now I am studying at University of Melbourne XD Eligible?

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    Yeah Mightbes ,it's more bout the time zone and social aspect we are all after so more than welcome to join us .

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