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Thread: The Cornerstone - For geriatric gamers

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    The Cornerstone - For geriatric gamers

    • Have you outgrown teen drama?
    • Do you lack the reflexes to right click on tiny minions 2 times a second?
    • Is your mind sharper than a freshly sharpened samurai blade, and battle hardened by years of tortuous womanly(for men)/manly(for women) riddles? (don't want to discriminate)

    If you answered yes to all of the above, you may have a chance to join the CornerStone.

    Who we are:
    2 of the most creative old men from the Guild Wars days - We revolutionized the early wave of Lightning Elementalist GvG, and had a pretty active guild of 20+ people for over a year.

    Core Leaders:
    Nicosharp: GK backer + Collector - specializes in cheesy jank combo decks, and refuses to give you the last word.
    Married - in early 30's - 2 dogs - 2 kids - full-time job - West Coast USA

    Barkam: GK backer - specializes in counterspell/denial/control decks, and telling everyone how they are wrong.
    Married - in early 30's - 2 kids - full-time job - West Coast USA

    We are looking for people that:
    • Want to theorycraft with us endlessly
    • Guild bank decks until we get perfect raid deck combos
    • Interested in Guild based drafting and tournament play. Prizes provided by the guild
    • We want people that just want to have some fun, and can be laid back, but also not immature.

    Don't let the above or below fool you. We are PvP gamers. We live for the strategy.

    We will both be active drafters.
    Our guild devotes a lot of time to exploring PvP Tournament format decks, play-testing, and for guild feedback, suggestions.
    We also really enjoy sealed gauntlets and offer strategy support to the guild for this format.
    Guild sponsored events will be PvP and PvE tournaments within the guild or external.
    Drafts, with prizes - fun formats like highlander, and PvE decks enabled for PvP tournaments within the guild.

    Also, If you want the PvE experience bonus, and the chance to raid with at least 9 cards in your opening hand, here is your affordable opportunity!

    Guild Website = Guild Forums
    Discord Server is our main hang-out for socializing - Info provided to members after joining

    Guild created content:

    Standard active hours we are looking to host events and raid would be:
    M-F: 6pm-12pm PST
    Sat-Sun: flexible
    (We have a growing European playerbase, and a lot of father's trying to sneak games at odd hours, so even the M-F times are flexible)

    Interested in joining our aging population?: Visit our forums linked above, and make a post in the Introduce yourself sub-forum. You can post here as well, but we can't add you until the above is done.
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    Wow. I never figured you to be so eloquent, Nico. I guess getting older has its perks. Ah, the glory days of RTS has passed but perfect timing to get back to our TCG roots.

    To all those that are checking out the guild, expect to get better in the game and have fun at the same time. We might have lost our good looks, but our minds are sharper than ever.

    Looking forward to gaming with you all has-beens!

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    You've got me at least a little bit interested, which is more than I can say about most of the other recruiting threads! Granted (and this is just the gist that I get) I think you're more into pve and less into pvp than I am, but that's not really based on anything, so ignore that...
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    Quote Originally Posted by funktion View Post
    You've got me at least a little bit interested, which is more than I can say about most of the other recruiting threads! Granted (and this is just the gist that I get) I think you're more into pve and less into pvp than I am, but that's not really based on anything, so ignore that...
    I'd be more into PvP if I stacked ProPlayer up like you, early enough.. But we will have the same number of drafts for at least a year. :P

    Actually, Barkam and I are both more PvP players. We strive to out think people, whether it is team synergy, or solo.

    I speak for myself when I say, I just know I have way more 1 hour chunks of time to dedicated to PvE now, than I have 3 hours for PvP stuff. (Work, life, etc. However, I do have decent leisure time most nights for 4-6hours depending)

    The old CornerStone, in Guild Wars, was focused on PvP, although we did run PvE content together.
    I also was an old timer in the Starcraft ladder scene (yes original starcraft), and I played League of Legends quite competitively for some time. If you know of Phreak and Jatt (the LOL shoutcasters for RIOT Games), I used to be on Jatt's Team, and I carried Phreak to plat in season 1. Got a bit too old and tired of LOL though. A little too grindy for me. You can find old drunken goofball streams of me playing LOL. (in the days before where streaming was listening to music and not educating anyone or communicating with an audience.)
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    Nico, your ad failed miserably! People think we are carebears! Thanks for the feedback, funktion. I shall reprimand him accordingly.

    In all seriousness. We are actually hardcore PvPers and take Min/Maxing to the limit. In fact, nico already posted a thread on how to maximize your investments in Hex. It's a good starter, but there are still a lot of nuances that he didn't get into yet. I myself prefer booster draft tournaments because constructed format tends to be netdecking and quite to be boring and sealed tends to be way too swingy for me.

    With all that said, we certainly don't discriminate other game formats like PvE if they provide satisfying strategic depth. We already came up with two broken (degenerate) combos for PvE, which makes me think that the designers intended it. The most recent article on raids has piqued my interest in PvE. Given that each raid has a unique mechanic, maybe our degenerate decks would be fine.

    At any rate, I hope you find what you are looking for, whether this guild or another! Happy Hex to ya!

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    Yeah, I got the double pro fairly early. I know I won't be able to double draft in a week every week, but when I do want to at least it's already paid for.

    To be honest though, what I really like is having an interesting meta in constructed and trying to attack it from a new angle. Sometimes you find just the right deck for the tournament that day, and nobody can mess with you at all... assuming you pilot it right (which with me isn't always the case).

    Edit: yeah bark, i read that thread and think I might have even responded to it. TBH the only reason I read this one was I saw the name and recognized it from a few other threads I've seen (and enjoyed).
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    Thanks Funktion!
    I like to deck tech for constructed too. I really want to share what I think will already be a broken constructed combo deck, but need to wait until the whole set is revealed. I have a brew I am already cooking up though based on a few previews. Finding and designing a niche deck for constructed is a blast. It is insanely hard to say you are the primary creator and inventor of anything nowadays, but at least we can try.

    Part of my reasoning for backing this kickstarter and jumping on a digital TCG early is because I want a fighting chance in the competitive Constructed scene. For most TCG's that means a lot of money up front to buy and craft a netdeck, or to own a ton of cards which can cost even more money.

    I look forward to having an awesome arsenal of cards to fuel constructed play, and players to test with that can help me tune for tournaments. It was so hard to do this with WOWTCG due to the travel time and coordination efforts, and sadly finding the right cards in the piles on my desk at home after a long day at work.

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    Do you guys take whippersnappers in their mid-20's?
    "A little nonsense now and then, is relished by the wisest men."

    -Willy Wonka

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    I'm 31 years old and apparently my youth has slipped away from me. So after reading about this guild I'm faced with a very difficult decision. I must now decide whether I should keep my collector tier or cancel it so I'll have $$$ to put down on a mobility scooter.

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    Oh man, I go to the guild recruitment forum assuming every single post is going to assume you can dedicate four hours a day to raiding, and in fact the first one I click on is exactly what I'm looking for.

    I'm 29 years old, married, and between a job, grad school and potentially a kid on the way, I'm not going to have anything like a reliable schedule. I'm also not a hardcore CCG player: I started playing Magic around the release of Unlimited, dropped off sometime after Ice Age, and have played on and off since then. I dabbled in the Pokemon and WoW CCGs, and drafted Magic a few times with friends and in local gaming stores, but it's not like I've ever been to an official tournament or kept up with the latest meta.

    That said, I do love the theory, and do love optimizing, and definitely want to know that when I do make time to log on, there'll be someone there to draft / raid with. I also don't mind losing / being told my deck sucks, as long as you can tell me how to improve! I'm going to admit that the PvE dungeons have really piqued my interest, even if they won't offer the serious gaming that PvP will.

    I think I'm going to buy in at the King level, for the daily Spectral Lotus income.

    I hope I'm the kind of player you're looking for!

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