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Thread: The Cornerstone - For geriatric gamers

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    The only thing we ask is that you make a new post on the Introduce Yourself subforums with some info about yourself. Full instructions:

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    thx warrender
    My english is terrible but it will get better...i hope...

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    I'm interested in joining your clan, I couldn't create an account on your forums because it said my IP address is blocked for spam but I'll try again when I get home from work. I have to wait to my account is unfrozen before being able to play with you guys, had my credit card stolen and when I canceled it my credit card company marked a few Gameforge transactions as fraud.

    I backed GK, Collector and Pro. I'm turning 33 this month with no kids and I plan to be really competitive in PVP so I really need some people to test PVP decks with.

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    Sounds great Kersed - Look forward to playing with you. We have a lot of PvP focused players, and the testing groups have been finding time to play most every night. See you when all things are in order.

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    Remember, age is just a state of mind. Get in now before the upcoming PVE hypefest.

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