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Thread: Guild Websites & Links

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    Thanks Stok3d.

    The link to the main page of our website is

    The direct link to our UC:Hex forum page is

    We will also be beginning a new thread on the guild forums including our Guild Charter very soon. I'll post that thread here as well when it's ready.

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    I'll link your primary URL--Nice website! I'm sure you got your forums linked from there. thnx

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    Awesome work Stok3d. Thank you.
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    I think you mislabeled us. We couldn't possibly be trolling if we made a thread among ourselves. Besides, there's love in our banners.

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    I was getting ready to make this thread myself, thanks stoked! Looks better and simpler than what I was thinking, well done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Erebus View Post
    Thanks for the formatting and making it easy on me. I can only pray everyone follows your lead. Updated

    @others: Thanks for the kind words <3

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