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    Passed level 1 judge for WoW TCG. Now what?

    Pretty much what the subject of the thread stated. I passed the level 1 judge for WoW TCG, now what do I do? Do I get access to the system to post event results (where would link be located to download)? Do I receive any notice in my profile stating that I am a judge? Is there any handguide to what is expected of judges, etc...? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :-)

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    If you passed the test, there will be no further notice that you are a judge. The official documents are your guides. You can now judge tournaments.

    As for sanctioning and posting event results, you'd need to also become a Tournament Organizer through

    If your store/location already has a TO, you'll have to coordinate with them on getting you on the tracker as a judge.


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    .....and by the way, grats and welcome to the team! :-)
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