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Thread: Project Update #30: HEX Con Digital Items For All

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    Project Update #30: HEX Con Digital Items For All

    Hi HEXers. Double update today!

    We've taken in a lot of your feedback. Should we reach the next stretch goal and HEX Con happens, all promotional cards, sleeves, mercenaries and the like will be deposited into each Kickstarter backer's HEX account. We want to assure you that everybody will be able to gear-up and sleeve all the goodies from this campaign whether or not they will be able to attend. So, should we hit the 2.5 million dollar Stretch Goal, you'll be receiving a lovely care package courtesy of your friends here at Cryptozoic with lots of goodies.

    Thanks again for all the constructive feedback we've received and see you at 10:30 AM PDT for our Twitch TV countdown!


    Not sure what that means tho :/

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    While I assumed this would be the case, I'm glad to see the official confirmation.
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    Color me surprised.

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    I wish they'd release more updates to clarify questions like this. It's nice to see an answer so soon as a controversy begins.

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    Damn, Cryptozoic thats generous. Now I really to see the goal hit. I guess I can spare another $50.
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    I don't get it, what exactly will they give us? lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by havocattack View Post
    I don't get it, what exactly will they give us? lol
    Anything digital that someone attending the real event could obtain... people who kickstarted but are only watching the online-stream will also get.

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    very cool CZE. you guys rock!

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    Woot! Now that's generous!

    Since I can't go, I am going to give my invite to the KS backers who can. If we hit 2.5 mil, I would create a thread to give it away. I also encourage the others to do so

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