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Thread: Collectors! What do you want to see?

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    Collectors! What do you want to see?

    Obviously we don't have any alt art to look at and select which we prefer. What I mean is, out of all of the rares/legendaries that we've seen so far (I believe they confirmed that the alt art would be rare/legendary), which would you most like to see have an alt art variant for whatever reason?

    I'm hoping they go with cards that are playable in a variety of decks rather than gimicky cards or cards that you really need to build around, just so that we can use them more freely. One that I actually wouldn't mind seeing is the Vampire King! Especially if the vampires he creates get a sexy upgrade too !

    How about you guys?

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    Princess Cory Alternate Art.

    Edit: In truth, Zombie Plague. It's the coolest card I've seen on there.
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    I like her purpose in Entrath in all of its simplicity.

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    I want the king! Really any human would be good for me c: But the king especially since I dont like his long hair or wolf in the background. Time to make the king shine!

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    Eh, I wouldn't want a unique card for alt art. No way would I play 4 of a 7 cost unique troop. I could understand wanting a different version if you like the card but not the art. I'm just hoping they go with something that people can play multiples of in a variety of decks to show off! lol

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    More art for humans/wolves/coyotle for me.

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    Obviously not going to happen, but it'd be cool to see a spectral lotus garden that produced AA loti. Now what I'd actually like to see. Relentless corruption is a creepy looking card and I can't play it as is lol. Eye of creation is just an amazing card and if it were one of the cards that we got then Collector would have been a good investment.

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    The best tournament card that will still be played in legacy formats in 10 years would be nice for AA

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    Yeah, I wouldn't be upset about Eye of Creation either. On one hand I already really like it's current art, so I'd be fine with not getting an alt art of it. It seems like a really powerful card that could fit in just about any deck that can generate a bunch of resources though. Which, if wild is anything like green in magic, shouldn't be a problem. Although I think all we've seen so far for that is Chlorophyllia.

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    So no one else wants an alternate Zombie Plague? For shame, people, for shame.
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