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Thread: ???? whats this about merging accounts

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    ???? whats this about merging accounts

    lets say i have 2 pledges from 2 kickstarter accounts using the same credit card?

    i will have to merge them and lose 1 of my 2 drafts for a year?
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    that's a good question , i would love to know that. As i am thinking of pledging over paypal for friend but it will be still my credit card so i don't want it get merged.

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    link broken
    Corpselocker on chests:"Possibly they contain an unhappy meal: broken toy, cold fries, and a bite taken out of the hamburger"

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    I dont think it will merge accounts based on payment methods. I believe you will have to contact support and have them do it. Or it will be a code you redeem with the site/game client and will merge all your pledges.

    But as of right now the whole logistic side of it is pretty mysterious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheProphet View Post
    link broken
    Works fine for me, tested it on other machines and different browsers too.

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    They did say that the free drafts don't stack, and the did say that payment methods were unique to an account, so it's not out of the question, if anything it's to be expected.

    But, if you have a 2nd credit card, still time to change the payment method on one of them.

    And since it is the CZE accounts that need unique payment methods, there is a good chance you can pay for both kickstarter accounts with one card, but assign them to two different CZE accounts, which do have different cards associated.

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    Why do multi-pledgers believe they can keep two $250 tiers as separate accounts and thus benefit from drafting on both accounts free for a year. As I understand you HAVE to merge and when you do you cannot stack the drafts so you will end up with one account and 1 draft a week regardless of how many tiers you pledge. My understanding is that CZE will not tolerate the abuse of the game associated with multipledges being kept separate to game the system for the extra "non-stackable" draft bonus.
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    Except for the fact they've already stated you are allowed to multi-box and such. However, if someone is stacking an absurd number of multi-accounts to game the system (i.e. >4 accounts for a single user), they'll probably step in.

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    Hmm I have the King tier I was wondering though what if I bought a bunch of squires for the +1 additional PVE kickstarter exclusive cards. Would they apply that to my king level as well or only what PVE cards the squires have?

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