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Thread: Drunk/High Ben

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    at first i was like o look ben thats cool, then i was like he seems wierd, by the time he said "set two is awsome" i couldent stop laughing. plz take is high/drunk face put pointy ears and make a goblin or elf card.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bladedragonfire View Post
    Yes puppeteer cory and his drunk puppet ben!
    This would make an awesome card!

    PS: DL Tier from wifey? Awesome!!! Congrats!

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    DL tier, so the wife can be on the card (bday present), plus pretty girl>this guy, and then well the rest of the goodies are for this guy

    Also absolutely wanna see ben as a "high" elf.
    Proud Day 1 Alpha Player Man This Game Come A Long Way!

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