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Thread: Drunk/High Ben

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    Wink Drunk/High Ben

    Just a few impressions of Ben enjoying himself ;D

    Would love to see a card based on the third picture ;D

    Anyways, congrats guys on the success of the KS-Campaign. Well done!
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    Yes well done to all. If Cory is going to help Kyle wrestle a bear then the only fair thing is to add a second bear.

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    Yes puppeteer cory and his drunk puppet ben!
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    Haha, I love it!
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    I can`t help playing "night at the roxbury" in my head when I look at Ben! Or a schoolgirl outfit saying "Waaaana buy some coookieees?"
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    reminds me of a human and grover

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    Hello all!

    I can neither confirm nor deny the validity of any posts that comment on my level of sobriety ;D

    But I will say that I am happy that this is an actual thread

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    Nice! He did look overly happy to be sitting on Cory's lap, right?

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