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Thread: Treasure chests & drafts

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    Treasure chests & drafts

    If you take 3 of your booster packs and enter a draft with them, will you still get the 3 treasure chests from the booster packs?

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    Its in a thread already... The treasure chests just go to your account and have nothing to do with the draft
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    yes you get them when you open the packs in draft and they go automatically to you

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    Oh, thats an interesting question.

    Would make the final top 3 winners prizes pretty pimp

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    Yeah, they automatically get dropped in your collection.

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    You get the loot chests directly from the boosters during drafts. I asked Cory during a streamed interview.

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    Chest in booster can be legendary, will they be tradable??

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    I'm looking forward to the "most consecutive packs opened from a single pack via treasure chests" thread in the future. We can tape ourselves and post videos online for a bit of silly fun.

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    And we get a huge number of these boosters. So many prizes to come.
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