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Thread: Treasure Chests - Whats in them/Things we would like to see in them.

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    Treasure Chests - Whats in them/Things we would like to see in them.

    So I have heard the following:

    Chests Can Contain:
    More Boosters
    PVE Cards
    PVP Cards

    What People Would Like to See:
    Foiling Ink - Instant Foiling of the Card
    Cosmetic Pets
    Cosmetic Extras/Changes to Champions
    Platinum (In game currency)
    Cosmetic Upgrades for Keeps/Guilds
    Card Alt Art
    Alt Spell Effects (Toggle-able)
    Crafting Materials
    Cosmetic Taunts/Dance Humor Commands
    Out of Print Cards/Booster Packs - If they stop "Selling Sets"
    Unglued like - humor cards
    Treasure Maps/Quests - Potential SPECIAL one time dungeons that have awesome loot at the end
    New Play Mats
    Recipe Drops (Depending on Crafting Implementation)
    Custom Victory/Defeat Screens

    What else am i missing, what else would people like to see.
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    Gold for sure. I would like to see Plat or event tix as well.
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    I don't think they should contain plat (as that's almost as though they'd contain cash which isn't ideal imo), but I wouldn't mind them having draft entry tokens, that pay for entry into one draft. A think a lot of people would find that useful.

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    Probably mercenaries would be added to packs, just so people get an added incentive to open the chests themselves?

    (Mercenaries aren't tradeable).

    I'm pretty sure the draft tickets are just going to BE platinum, because there's no reason to have another artificial currency.

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    The ever-so-elusive magical foiling ink. This legendary drop has just enough ink to completely foil out a card without having to lvl it via XP.

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    Custom Champion Art of PVP and PVE
    Keep Upgrades (mostly cosmetic)
    Deck Pets (0/1 Troops that start in play, can't attack, can't block, can't be the target of spells or effect. If it would be sent to the graveyard or deck return it to play). Just something fun/good luck charm.

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    So if Sleeves are in chests and random... I'm guessing they will become secondary market collector items too? That's pretty cool, guess I see why they don't wanna just sell them now.

    Best part is sleeves will retain value through life of game because they obviously don't cycle with standard block!

    They should have gave Collector a AA sleeve every year too ^_^ *dreams*

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    Event tix = Plat I agree. Just give plat and avoid tix all together.
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    Updated with some of the suggestions.

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    I wouldn't mind seeing alternate art for common cards in there. Hell, maybe even alternate art for resource cards, that would be cool.
    Another thing that might be cool is "card fragments", pieces of a card that you assemble into a full card once you have enough of them. There would be one of these cards in each set. Nothing crazy or super-overpowered or anything, just a neat little collectable.

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