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Thread: Weekly updates make me sad. How about a daily leaker?

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    Not again a topic about this....

    Grand King that loves collecting things twice because he thinks he's a pro player.

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    Jeez, you guys are awfully bitter. A leaked card is not a thread on them developing daily content. If you don't want a leaked card, don't post. The thread will vanish.

    Really, just stunned at some of you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BossHoss View Post
    Kyle`s Bear fight has been ongoing for almost two weeks now... One of the hidden stretch goals unlocked a live stream on EHexPN the Ocho... It is more like "The Hunger Games"...

    This is why "Tiddley" has been seen moderating and OP_Kyle has been absent
    I just wanted to show off my cute avatar. =)

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    Is that Luna showing a picture of Sailor Moon?

    If so, mad props XD
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    While this suggestion is slightly less unreasonable, what I really want is to not have these threads up here all the time. They've said they will do weekly updates. Believe them, and be patient. They owe us nothing more than the game and our respective rewards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corpselocker View Post
    Really, just stunned at some of you.
    I'm not stunned at all. Coming into the Hex forums, you just have to throw out all kinds of logic and act like you're arguing against a brick wall. Correction, an insane brick wall.

    Also, you're stupid for ever having an opinion and you should read at least a month's worth of posts before ever posting anything on here. /sarcasm

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    1 update per week is fine, there are kickstarters that don't give much feedback (i am watching you relic knights).

    So if Crypto gives one update a week I am happy. A Monday spoiler for the Friday update would be cool.

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    Idk if they dont do updates. But plz give us a few cards each week so i dont have to go into cryogenic freeze until beta

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