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Thread: Mobile Hex vs Computer Hex.

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    Il play tablet most of the time, pc for important tournaments maybe. Cant wait to se hex in my retina display. As for ui if its anithing like magic 2013/14 im fine with that. They did said they wanted to make the best ui for a tcg, as far as i know thats the one to beat or is there a better one?

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    I hope they implement some of the aforementioned bells and whistles for PC play. I would love, love, love to be able to put chat in an entirely separate window on my monitor while I play on my TV.

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    I'll probably do most of my play on ipad but I have a nice pc and I'll play on that to. Really wont know which I'll play more on till I get a feel for how each plays. This will be one of the first games Ive ever had that gives you the option to play on either device.

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    Computer. I hate gaming on tablets with a passion.

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    If there was a phone version I'd probably play every waking moment of my life on it.

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    PC 99% of the time, Ipad to check AH before going to sleep?


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    Having now tried DotP on my tablet, it's a clear PC preference for me... ugh... how do people game on these things regularly?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ConnorJS View Post
    Which do you think you'll be playing more of. I think the tablet interface will be really slick and convenient, I can imagine spending a lot of time sat in bed grinding PvE. Also if you're going to be playing on mobile, which device will you be using?
    I'll be doing exactly that on my Galaxy Tab 10.1. I actually don't see myself playing this on my PC much at all. It seems like it would be more natural to play wherever you are (bed, throne, at a table with a friend, in a library, on a plane, riding a giant eagle, deep sea diving, etc, etc).

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    Considering the 3 hours average daily travel time for me it will be most likely on my Asus Transformer Infinity. plenty time to get a game or two in and or check the AH and the forums.

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    I'm using a Laptop right now.
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