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Thread: Champions in Draft?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowelf View Post
    In the heroes aspect, hex seems to be sharing a lot with wowtcg, and this signifies that the hero choice will be final; not that it makes sense to side ur champion in and out :P
    Well from a strategy point of view (and not a lore point of view) if you were playing, say, blood/diamond and started with Gozzog, but then came up against a super aggressive deck, you might prefer Dimmid. ;-)

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    Thank you, ossuary. I've been tracking the game for a while and have just recently decided to jump out from the shadows and be social (putting an end to my stalking ways). I've been through/lived through all of the media that you've mentioned and more and I don't recall stumbling over this info, so that's why I turned to the forums. Thanks again for all the help. If anyone has any links to media where this particular topic is discussed that would be excellent.
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