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Thread: They wouldn't , would they?

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    Honestly after the fiasco of the cycle of Mirage tutors the only tutor after that to be too strong was Stoneforge Mystic. I think Wizards got it right after mirage. Most tutors were 4 or more and could have a drawback for a benefit (mystical teachings was instant with a flashback for 7 but only got instant cards or cards with flash). The standard that magic ended up with was 2BB for any card directly in hand as a sorcery which seems rather fair.

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    As long as they will keep their tutors at 3-4cc, basic actions, and the searched card to go at the top of the library, everything will be fine.

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    I'll bet that any tutors won't search for cards with Escalate; entirely too much brokenness easily available at that point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChumpyMcChump View Post
    I'll bet that any tutors won't search for cards with Escalate; entirely too much brokenness easily available at that point.
    I suspect they will make a tutor-type ability at some point, but it will be expensive to cast and/or have some other drawback.

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    If it's able to hit Escalate cards, I won't be surprised when the drawback is reverting the Escalation values...

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    I can live without tutor cards, but I do like to break decks with them
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    There are some already, especially if you count equipment. There's Soothing Breeze, which costs 2, gains 7 life, and if it's equipped, you search for a 1-mana coyotle and put it into play. There's the Blood Harbinger, which can be equipped to search for any orc and put it into your hand. I don't think they're going to completely avoid tutors in PvE.
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    I'm glad they're designing and developping the game while you guys aren't.
    4 CC tutors because of escalation cards, what a joke.


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    I bet the majority of tutoring will be found in the PvE side. I can't imagine any PvP tutors without some really significant drawbacks. Something like Demonic Consultation. That card has a chance of decking you, or at least removing some other important cards if you use it at the wrong time. I'd expect something like that rather than Demonic Tutor or any of the Mirage block tutor cycle.

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    Mostly, the most degenerate combos with tutors in HEX has to do with grafting abilities onto the cards in your library (like replicator's gambit).

    I suppose a fair way of making a tutor might be having the tutor revert the card before putting it into your hand.

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