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Thread: They wouldn't , would they?

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    They wouldn't , would they?

    I know its early to say this but my feeling is that this game would be broken if they made any straight up search your deck tutors. I'm aware of ascetic aspirant but that involves a bit of hoop jumping.

    Surely with cards like replicators gambit and escalation decks this cannot happen, can it?

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    I think it could happen, however they will need to be very careful with them. They are definitely hard cards to design properly and they can be abused easily, which is why they are not really making tutor effects in Magic anymore (at least not that I have seen recently). Of course Hex has PvE which gives much more room for fun things like tutors.
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    It could, and at some point it probably will. I doubt you'll see one anywhere close to as cheap and ubiquitous as Demonic Tutor, though. If they do have a tutor, it will mostly like be for way more mana, or for only a specific type of card, or with some other downside / penalty to it (maybe choose and discard another card, so you have to give up card advantage to use it?).

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    If they do it will probably be via equipment or pve only cards and thus not break pvp.

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    They designed this game so that they can capitalize on the mistakes that MtG made and avoid them. I would be surprised to see them directly repeat errors made in MtG. However, although the mechanics and look may be familiar, the way the game plays seems quite different. After mocking up a few games, I did see some real differences, especially in the way the game escalates.

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    So far, so good i'd say ; haven't seen anything too powerful in a sense to worry me for the well being of the game. There are some silly pve cards, but the pvp side of the game looks safe and sound to me

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    They wont make tutors for cheap if that is what you mean. They seem to know the power of the effects given to cards. They seem to know how much resources to ask for each efect.

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    I suspect that some Tutor cards will appear, but they will have very costly effects. Something like sacrificing a troop, or permanently losing 1 or more threshold or resources. The Aspirant of a good example of the high cost, but it's also slightly different in that it's basically a permanent Tutor effect for as long as the card lives, so it's tough to make judgements based off that alone.

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    Blood harbinger allows you to replicate one if you have 2 and then if the other dies you can tutor that specific one out. One of the times that the opponent will probably pay the 5 life loss.

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    I think the question to ask is not, "Will there be 'tutor' effects?" The better question is, "What will be the cost associated with those effects?" Now granted I haven't played Magic since the old Mirrodin block, so I'm not sure what they've done since. But the problem with Magic's search effects in general was they were too cheap with little downside. Even the Mirage era tutors that put the searched card on top of your deck were very powerful without generating card advantage. Being able to search for a specific card is a very powerful mechanic and needs to be balanced properly. But to simply set aside the concept as too difficult to balance does the game itself a disservice, I think. Let's see what CZE can come up with to make the mechanic available, but not dominating.
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