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Thread: [Video] Murder vs Menacing Gralk

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    I don't know that I have anything new to add, but my pick prior to watching the video (and still after watching it) is Menancing Gralk, simply because he's what I consider a Bomb. A flying 3/3 is already solid, but that tap effect can out right win games. Murder is tremendously useful in all formats, and I'd never fault anyone for taking it over Menancing Gralk, but Gralk is one of the cards I'd pass on a Murder to get with my first pick of a draft.

    Anyway absolutely LOVE the video theme. I've been having a blast making these sort of tough picks with the Hex Draft simulator, can't wait to see other people's opinions on some of these tough decisions in drafting, and so far you're have seen like the sort of opinions to take notice of.

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    I would also first pick the Gralk, in hope that Murder will show up in the second pick.

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    The problem I'd have with the Gralk is that so far Sapphire just doesn't look that appealing as a color in draft right now. Granted we still have a lot of cards left to see, but based on what we know now, I'm not sure I'd be comfortable essentially "locking" myself into Sapphire with this pick. Murder is very flexible, doesn't *commit* me fully to Blood as it is easily splashable, and heck... kills the Gralk dead if he gets played on me later.

    And from a "signaling" perspective, passing the Gralk could entice your neighbors into Sapphire giving you a clear picture of what the player to your left is likely drafting. But then again I probably "overvalue" that kind of communication in drafts. I always tried to send clear signals to my neighbors whenever possible, and passing a Gralk would surely say, "I'm not Sapphire!" as well as tell your neighbor to "Go Sapphire!"
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    I'm surprised so many actually wound up agreeing with me. I had been working on some stuff to help with the database site / simulator and the thought popped into my head. I think I asked 7-8 people and at most one of them might have agreed with me.

    After the conversations I realized it might be an interesting video idea and I think I'm gonna do this cage match style video weekly now. Was really easy to do and I definitely like it.

    Thanks for all the support guys, glad you enjoyed it!
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    I agree that Gralk is excellent, but I think Murder is the better pick, pack 1. Gralk requires a board presence to be a bomb (and is good otherwise), but murder is excellent in any situation. That's what tipped it for me.

    Basically, Murder always goes in your deck as long as you can splash a color, but Gralk not only is situationally good, but goes in a specific deck (a creature-heavy deck that has some decent early plays, i.e. not a control deck). I mean, Gralk's excellent, but murder is just incredibly solid.
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    The better question is the Gralk versus Corrupt Harvester.
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    Imo, Gralk, easily. Harvester is pretty strong, but won't win the game on the spot. It'll offer good value, but won't kill your opponent. Gralk can win the game on the spot sometimes, and flies the rest of the time.
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    If we're still talking first turn, I'd pick the Gralk over the Harvester. The Harvester is good but as Aradon said, the Gralk can be a game ender. Obviously if its not the first pick it would depend on what my existing plan was, but Gralk is a pretty great card in any case.

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    We've had a pretty healthy 'bracket' debate on this one. For a limited single 'in the vacuum' pick, we did have a few more people pick the Gralk (10/13) but the arguments for the harvester come down to lower cost for limited and that it is going to get much more action, boosted harvesters have greater potential, blood has more removal and looks to be a better limited draft color, and forcing blood makes the evasion more effective. The Gralk may only be really good when you have board presence. The Gralk may sit in your hand longer, and be less effective, because you are waiting for the optimum play.

    At first glance, Gralk may seem superior, but there are a lot of fun variables to discuss with two very strong creatures.

    Funktion, sorry if I slightly derailed the thread, but you highlighted one of my favorite cards and I'm fond of comparing oranges to oranges in a 'cage match'
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    The right choice depends on the other 13 cards


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