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Thread: Broken PVE cards. Will they be Nerfed or Banned?

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    Considering how insanely powerful some of the potential combinations in PvE are already, a card would have to be catastrophically powerful in order to warrant any kind of nerf or ban. If it's something utterly ridiculous like instantly winning the game on the first turn or something, I suspect they would step in, but otherwise I suspect they'll just leave things be.

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    You can literally break any combo by tuning the rules slightly.

    "You can't play more then one card per turn"
    "Whenever you draw a card you lose 1 life"
    "Your creatures can't attack"
    "Champions can't be the target of spells or abilites"

    A lot of the higher tier dungeons will have rules like the examples above and those are just random ideas. You'll be able to play some insane combos in every dungeon, but I just don't see a problem with that. It's PvE after all - higher level PvE will be about learning what the opponent can do and build a deck to counter it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gwaer View Post
    The hard modes are all highlander. So if you want a challenge play in that mode, if you want a facebashing good time, do normal. That's kind of the idea I think.
    Yeah I agree with this, no need to nerf or ban any PvE, I guess if they created a card so broken it was making hard modes easy then they could nerf it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ConnorJS View Post
    Yeah I agree with this, no need to nerf or ban any PvE, I guess if they created a card so broken it was making hard modes easy then they could nerf it?
    Or they could buff those hard modes specifically so that said card becomes very punishing to play. I'm not saying "if you play Spectral Lotus, it has no effect", I'm saying maybe give them a mechanic that limits the player to only draw 1 card per turn?
    The problem there is that much more is affected, but I'd rather have most fights become much harder in that case rather than them being easy with just 1 card.

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    Once a card that is OP'd is noticed, I'm sure CZE will just create a dungeon or a raid that counters whatever effect the OP card does.

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    I would imagine more general rule shifts, as others in this thread, rather than PvE card nerfs. I would disagree that these constitute nerfs or indicate that the original PvE card power levels were a mistake, though. Rather, these rule shifts are the entire point of the PvE game - a psuedo-puzzle mode that requires that you work within the strictures of ever-changing restrictions to overcome increasingly difficult challenges. You won't be able to rely on a single favorite card or single favorite combo to overcome PvE because of these restrictions, thereby forcing/encouraging/allowing you to see the best applications of a large portion of the card set. This, in turn, provides training in the kind of thinking that will help with both drafting and constructed play.

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    The goal of the PvE is to be beatable and farmable.

    Also a combo is broken only if it's very consistant, and it's more often cause of tutors than combo cards themselves


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    They should be nerfed.

    A card banned from pvp can be used in pve.

    A pve card banned from pve can't be used anywhere and thus may as well be removed from the game.

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    They're all broken, that's why they're PVE only.

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    and there will be battles (forgot what it's called but i think it's not the arena) where you are rewarded by your performance (insane damage, maybe lots of life gain, etc) which is why the PvE cards are like this

    Cory and the team already acknowledge this and they say that they are okay with broken cards but not degenerate cards for PvE. they really want us to go all out on PvE and probably on the wild west pvp format

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