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Thread: Paranoia vs. the proliferation of Hex sites

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    Being part of Utopian Chaos, I can assure it is just enthusiasts trying to get more players interested and more ideas out there - I also like Potion of wit. I haven't really searched around much other than that though, there is not much to miss if you have kept up to date with the Crypto posts and tweets etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ramseytheory View Post
    I've been following most of the links and I haven't run into any shock sites or rickrolls, if that's what you're worried about. In particular, I can vouch for JaxTheHexer and funktion's stuff on Youtube, HexTCGPro, Casual Hex, Hex Shuffle and the Utopian Chaos site. JaxTheHexer's stuff is especially good, probably followed by HexTCGPro.
    Really this community has done a great job I think providing content for both new players and vets. I would not hesitate to recommend any of these sites mentioned, including of course our own.

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    I'm not really visiting any of the sites because they're all mostly doing the same thing. Eventually one will rise to the top and the rest will die off.
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    It is hard to produce a lot of content with so many pieces of Hex still missing. That said, I read almost all of the articles highlighted here and watch a few of the videos (I like reading compared to watching).
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