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Thread: Paranoia vs. the proliferation of Hex sites

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    Paranoia vs. the proliferation of Hex sites

    So... yeah. I've seen a lot of "come to my website to see my article" posts lately, and due to some... ermmm... excesses of a misspent youth I don't follow links to new sites I don't know. Utopian Chaos seems established and reputable, Youtube is Youtube, wikia wikis are wikia wikis... that's about it for me, which makes me regret missing out on a chunk of content. Anyone else feel this way?

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    If they sound interesting, you should check them out. I've seen some really good ones with what I consider to be valuable information, then I've seen some that look like they were made in 5 minutes in notepad that contribute little to nothing. I would follow one or two, I don't think it hurts. The good ones are worth it, and they keep things updated so you don't have to venture off into the wasteland...

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    I think he meant he's scared to click on links, which is silly


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    Quote Originally Posted by Fireblast View Post
    I think he meant he's scared to click on links, which is silly

    That's what I gathered, I wasn't going to address this though for the same reason you stated.

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    If you are really paranoid maybe just wait til 5 follow ups. If the link is something messed up by 5 responses to the thread someone will have said something. I haven't seen anyone doing anything weird, just posting informative articles.

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    I'm not really sure how to approach this concern as I feel it's just a case of paranoia but I assure you that is reputable and ad free. There's actually nothing that you can click on other than articles and our social media outlets.

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    Yeah odds are if someone posts a link to a site they've made, and it's horrible in some way, all of the comments in the thread will say so. I don't think I've seen a single instance of that on these forums.
    As an example, you should check out Casual Hex ( </shameless-self-promotion>

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    I've been following most of the links and I haven't run into any shock sites or rickrolls, if that's what you're worried about. In particular, I can vouch for JaxTheHexer and funktion's stuff on Youtube, HexTCGPro, Casual Hex, Hex Shuffle and the Utopian Chaos site. JaxTheHexer's stuff is especially good, probably followed by HexTCGPro.

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    Just remember that Hex only has one 'X' in it, so if the link is for I wouldn't go there...unless you're looking for a good time of course.

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    I know people and have experience with situations that would require an otherwise paranoid outlook to prevent situations that would be less than ideal. And regardless of any desire to live in the world of Hex 24/7, I do not have the time to consume all of the user created content available. I have to be more discriminatory with my choices.

    Personally, I have visited and found it to my liking for the moment. Information I have found helpful, fairly polished, and no extraneous undesirables. I cannot personally vouch for any of the other sites being promoted (other than, as you say, wikis are wikis and youtube is youtube). Best of luck with your endeavors.

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